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Cocksure - Cuban Brothers @ Es Vive tomorrow

The Cuban Brothers are on a roll and the lash. Interview with leader of men Mike Keat this way.

Since last they appeared in Ibiza, the Cuban Brothers party troupe have added a couple of new members and a number of highlights to their show reel. One of the brightest was touring with James Brown.

"He's still the man," said leader of men Mike Keat, recently arrived in Ibiza. "He's still Soul Brother Number One. He's 73 but his performances are electrifying."

Gigging is the life of Keat, long standing partner Archerio and new members Kengo San and dj Clemente. The road is more familiar to them than home.


the Cuban Brothers Clemente, Kengo, Miguel y Archerio

"We haven't been on the island this year because we've been everywhere else. We've been the States, Asia, New Zealand, Malaysia..."

El hermanos also appeared at last weekend's Bestival on the Isle of Wight off England's south east coast where they played a set in front of 18,000 people that the Sun (no less) described as "blinding".

Tonight they're at Dusted's closing party at Eden and tomorrow there'll be an invite-only performance at Spotlight's favoured watering hole, the Smirnoff & the Electric Cabaret bar in hotel Es Vive.

The "best stand up comic in Britain right now" Andrew Maxwell will be on compering duties, at an event which will be "a wee bit more of a Mike Keat show".

Also up are alter-ego Barry Peters plus the Halifax Hospital Radio team, Rab Rinpoche "a spiritualist from Westerhills, a very rough council estate in Edinburgh", Mike's home town.

Then there'll be a "very special" scene from the D.H. Lawrence book 'Women in Love'. Gulp.

"We finish it off with a bit of the Cuban Brothers, some of the same rubbish we've been doing a for the last eight years."

He's joking, of course, and happy to slip into his famous character Miguel Mantovani when asked about his reunification with his "son" Ken.

"Kengo came to my door when I was living in London where I set up a School for Pumping," says Miguel. "'You're a lying bastard,' I said. 'I am Cuban. Show me the chorizo to prove you are my son.' He show me the chorizo - he's my fucking boy! I wasn't always in porno. I was working for the Cuban Navy, doing my bit for socialism and I ended up in Okinawa where inadvertently I sired this little bastard. About three years ago I sent him to my school of performing arts in Cuba and after one year he was ready to come on the road."

It's a little difficult to work out where Miguel finishes and Mike starts. We asked the latter who out of his party was most likely to end up at the two-year-old Port d'es Torrent swinging joint, Beverly's.

"I didn't know it existed. I'm straight down. How long has this been going? I might walk down with the missus. She might want to stay in the car. I'm only gonna be there as for as long as I need to, till I've spun my monkey clean off. So I'd say out of everyone it would be me."

Miguel & Archerio @ S'Estanyol, 2004Spotlight: Es Vive have a very late licence. Which of your party is most likely to be drinking at 7am?

Mike: Everyone one of us. 7am doesn't even begin to describe the mania that will ensue.

Spotlight: Who's most likely to spend all night on a podium at Eden tonight?

Mike: Wee Kengo. I call him Dance Boy or Dance Man. That's what he does, he fucks and he dances, usually at the same time. Total fruit - he'd be inappropriately b-boying all night.

- new single 'My Love is Alive', comes out in a fortnight

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