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Time Gentlemen Please – 6am club closings agreed

Stop boozing in the carpark! Your favourite nights are now likely to fill up earlier.

Local newspapers report Madrid’s man in the Balearics, José Manuel Bar, has issued a directive compelling all clubs in Ibiza to close by 6am to avoid gridlock now school’s back.

White Isle niteries once habitually shut one or several hours after dawn, however in recent times the promoters have had to reschedule the entertainment to avoid being penalised by more strictly enforced regulations.

Amnesia’s David de Felipe responded by pointing the finger at what he termed “illegal” clubs. Presumably this number does not including Bora Bora which rectified its licensing transgressions of yesteryear and has been rewarded with extended opening times in 2005.

José Manuel's decree comes less than four weeks after an unprecedented meeting with members of Ibiza’s splintered Asociación de Discotecas.

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