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How metal is Sander K?

We accompany him thru the airport x-ray.

We accompany him thru the airport x-ray

Djs are busy people. First item on the job description is inducing delirium on the dance floor, but after you’ve sussed that then you’ve got to deal with the bloody media.

Sander K @ Space, MiamiNot that Sander Kleinenberg was anything but polite and accommodating when we called him to quiz him about his new residency ‘Everybody’ at Pacha, Britney on “his” dance floor and forward-thinking, intelligent house music.

He was just about to get on a plane but handled all our questions, enquiries from fans and security with aplomb. Here’s what we go out of the in-demand Dutchman before the jet engines powered up.

How’s it going? Where are you going now?

I’m on my way to Newcastle.

What’s there?

It’s where they do Shindig on Saturdays. It’s a new Friday night, I’m djing and doing DVD show.

So you’re doing all the visuals at the same time as doing all the music?

Yeah. It’s not that difficult. It’s preparation that’s really needed. It’s pretty cool to be working with. It just makes it a little bit more exciting doesn’t it. It’s a machine called a DVJ X1, which is essentially a Pioneer CDJ, but with a video out. It does all the same things as your average CD player, but it has video out.

So you choose all the images?

I select a few tracks that I find during the week that will become part of my VJ set then I make a video to it. And I play those videos out. I work with a video artist who helps me do this. Super exciting. It brings a whole new dimension to the trade.

Are you going to be doing this at Pacha?


Everybody at the Hague

Why do Everybody on Sunday night?

I’ve never played on a Sunday night before. I’ve never been on Sundays, the only Sundays I’ve played I was at Space. Why am I doing it? Mostly because it was available, but that’s not what you wanna know. I should be saying ‘Because I love Sundays, they’re amazing!’ Could you help me out here?

Don't worry, we’ll make you look good.

Sander K @ Space, MiamiWhat I can say is I love Pacha. It’s a phenomenal club full of history and every time I play there it’s been amazing and it’s been a dream of mine to get a residency there. Any night would do and a Sundays is fine with me.

Do you make an effort to educate the crowd, or do you just play what you like and see how that goes down?

I believe in what I play. I don’t try and change my sound for each and every venue. I do try and choose venues where I think my sound works. Pacha in Ibiza the most suitable room for the sound I’m doing at the moment. I’m gonna build an identity around these nights and program them myself. I can show what I am about - more so than before. I do feel that I’ve opened up recently more than before, showing what I’m about, daring to go a little bit more left, or a little bit more right of centre instead of being pigeonholed.

What is your sound?

I play forward thinking, intelligent house music. Hey listen I’m going through screening again, I’m boarding this aeroplane you’re gonna go through the x-ray. [Brief pause.] Sorry about that.

an airport x-ray machineNo worries. Did you beep?

No, I didn’t. I know how to not beep. Everything in my possession that beeps, I eliminate.

How did you get the remix work with NERD, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Janet? What stuff of yours had they heard?

I started remixing American artists about two years back. The first one was Lamya. That went to number one in the Billboard charts, it kinda helped kick start things for me. Once you’re in you get offers and you’re in a little circle of people that they think of whenever these artists need the club treatment. Not to brag, but I do say no more than yes. But sometimes a track comes along which is really a lot of fun to remix and then I end up doing it. I respect all these artists you mentioned. Usher was a bit of a doubt but I thought the track was a really cool track and needed the treatment and that’s why the hook ups. I like the fact that this music’s explored to give pop music a different dance floor.

What’s the connection between r’n’b/hip hop and the house music that you play?

I think it’s a sign of the times that these things start growing more and more together. I feel that the urban loving audience, and the house lovers have more common ground than they did a few years ago and I think doing these remixes show that aspect.

Justin Timberlake (left) & Britney Spears (right)Have you been to see those guys in concert?

No, I haven’t seen Justin (right, with Britney). It’s a bit of a girl thing isn’t it. My girlfriend would probably love it but for me it would be too much screaming girls and I’d be jealous probably.

You don’t get screaming girls at your gigs?

Of course, that’s why I do what I do. No, I’m joking of course.

What about celebs?

At my residency in New York I see some of these people go down and have a boogie with me. It’s great, Poofy comes out, it’s cool to see these people enjoy a good night clubbing. Britney’s been on one of my floors. The club I dj at in America Crobar is quite trendy so I do get to see a fair amount of celebs. I think Ibiza’s turning more and more into an American celebrity destination. I think you’ll see more and more Americans coming over anyway because they wanna see what it’s about. I think they’re welcome, I think they bring a bit of flair, which is never a bad thing. Hold on to those bottles of Cristal.

Do the Pacha dancers distract you?

Yes, But not in a bad way. The dancers are phenomenal but I see them purely in a professional way.

Are you planning to check out any other parties while you’re on the island? Do you like to party when you’re off duty or do you prefer to relax?

There’s always the few mad ones in deserted restaurants and boats. For sure I’m gonna check out all the other clubs and I think I might check the Thursday at Space with my good friends Steve Lawler and Sasha. Tom Novy’s doing something interesting in a restaurant there’s a few places I wanna check out. I wanna have lunch the various phenomenal seafood places around the island. Sa Caleta of course, with the mad French owner.

Will you bring a big entourage over with you?

If possible I’ll bring some of my family, and some people I work with. The door of my airplane is closed.

How popular is Ibiza with your countrymen and women these days?

It has always been popular. Luckily for us the joy of the island has not been too much exploited in the Netherlands. It’s not unknown but you don’t see every Tom, Dick and Harry. There’s some cool people coming down.

- Sander K will appear at Pacha on Sunday July 3, 10 & 31, August 14, September 4 and finally on the 25th. Click here for the full line up

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