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Timo Maas Wednesday nighter @ Dc10

Did anybody turn up? Click to find out where the White Isle's coveted mid-week crowds were last Wednesday.

The Ibiza hype in Italy is at red line levels. This has brought over crowds clad in gigolo-chic which equal those of English and Spanish-oriented nights in size and ferocity. However it's the German jock Timo Maas which really revs the Ities' engines at Dc10 on a Wednesday.

Timo Maas & friends, August 4

The Circo Loco insane clown posse who take over the asylum neighbouring the airport every Monday operate just as well in night time hours as daylight ones. The terrace was open from 8pm to midnight, but the Ibiza-Spotlight Photojournalism Squad didn't make it till the bosh bit at 4am.

timoWarning - this party is LOUD. But if you like your house uncompromising, your techno funky, and your beats served with emotion and joy, you won't complain. The decks are situated low, which gives a feeling of intimacy uncommon to the island's superclubs. It also affords a close up view of the most talented ugly man in dance music who has nimble fingers and a definite way with the ladies, if the numbers of hot ones surrounding the booth are any indication.


This party will be a blast every Wednesday for the month of August.