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Meganite at Privilege is plenty mega

It's every club owner's dream to have seven buzzing nights a week at their venue. Privilege can now add one more to their total.

Djs Mauro Picotto and Chris Liebing have got mega balls. These two relatively fresh names on the techno scene have gone to the summer home of European clubbing and installed themselves in the biggest club on the island, nay the world.

mega is a state of mind @ Meganite, Agosto 25

Although it should be quickly pointed out that the capacity of Privilege has been reduced to less than half of that available, so “mega” really is a state of mind more than a indication of actual size.

Meganite @ Privilege, Agosto 25Last Wednesday the Ibiza Spotlight team made it along to see for ourselves the party that has been receiving excellent reports on our message boards. We were a bit late and didn't hit the club till around 5am, but were pleased to note the night really had legs.

The ones attached to the punters were being fully utilised as the joint was really jumping. Ok, it's Bosh Central but if you're happy to subject yourself to thunderous waves of noise then you'll enjoy yourself as much as all the rave surfers we encountered. It was exceptionally friendly and the vibe was one of unrestrained glee.

Meganite @ Privilege, Agosto 25Following on from our excellent evening we got some comments from the promoter, Manuel López, who filled in some of the blanks for us.

What was the running order last night? I think I saw Mauro Picotto followed by Christian Smith, would that be right?
: You are right. We had from 1.00 to 2.30 Gabry Fasano, 2.30 to 4.00 Chris Liebing, 4.00 to 5.30 Mauro Picotto, and from 5.30 till the end it was Christian Smith. (All times are approximate.)

Christian Smith @ Meganite, Agosto 25How's your season going? Are you pleased with the vibe you've achieved? How many people are you getting in?
Yes, we are very happy with Meganite's first season. Everybody who is into the nightlife scene in Ibiza told we'd get a maximum of 1.500 people but we did more
than double that on the best night so far - 3.500 people. Every night the atmosphere in the club is incredible. People do really go crazy.

What would you now like to say to the people who said you'd never put on a decent party in a club as big as Privilege?
When we decided to “rebuild” the club like it is now I had the picture of this "Theatre of Sound" in my head with all the people dancing on two levels and the dj directly in front of the dancefloor I knew that it would work. Those who never gave us a chance to put this night seem to lack creativity. If Privilege was smaller we would not have the possibilities to undertake these sort of "rebuildings".

Meganite @ Privilege, Agosto 25We've got your closing party date as September 8 with the following lineup:

Mauro Picotto
Ben Sims
Chris Liebing
Riccardo Ferri

Is that right?
Yes, the lineup is right. It is the second time Ben Sims will join Mauro & Chris. It will be a massive night, 'cause Ben really rocked the place when he was here a few weeks ago.

What's happening with Meganite in the winter and next year?
After closing we will start planning the next season immediately. We have lots of new ideas to realise. For sure there will be some more Meganites all over the world – in London, New York, South America, Asia etc.

mega laser @ Meganite, Agosto 25

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