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San An's Best closing party

Last Saturday's last Sunday Best party at the cute little cala they call Gracioneta was energising.

September can be a bit scary for those who self-impose a duty to go to absolutely every single decent gig on the island. All that socialising can really wreck ya, but last Saturday’s last Sunday Best party at the cute little cala they call Gracioneta was energising.

Cala Grasioneta, Septiembre 18

It took place during the day too which is always nice for those not inclined to stick around for the 5-7am peak hours of most island nightclubs. There was also a free paella at five in the afternoon which must have been a boon for the members of the notoriously skint immigrant working class of San An who made the five minute (by car) journey from their nearby tower block apartments. For those not familiar with the lifestyle, imagine a university dormitory where inhabitants were kicked out only if they don’t have drugs in their rooms or a nasty little drip in their pants. However the greater the proportion of incestuous pill munchers at your party the better it is.

Carotenuto & mates, Septiembre 18Given this proven fact it’s not surprising how much smiling went on. Grinning faces lit the place up like the little light bulbs strung from the trees. Kids ran amok but the only examples of genuine delinquency were performed by people who were paid to be there.

Headline act the Cuban Brothers in particular were happy to descend to the level of puerile humour, but that’s because dick jokes are usually the funniest. Once again Miguel Mantovani (real name Mike Keat) sung his way into our hearts with his cock in his hand.

It must be said he and partner Archerio are extremely good value every time, consistently funny and possessing of a high wattage bonhomie that translates well to their work with korporate kats MTV.

Cuban Bros, Septiembre 18

a bloke from Zero 7Speaking of powerful industry figures Pete Tong showed all his seven inches, as advertised by the text messages announcing this beach ball. He proudly pulled out crotch-rock classics from the Rolling Stones and David Bowie and following him a bloke from Zero 7 (left) demonstrated why their Another Late Night compilation CD has warmed car stereos in recent northern winters.

I don’t think anybody played it on Saturday, but Don Henley (below)described this kind of vibe best in his 1985 hit “Boys of Summer”:

Don HenleyI never will forget those nights
I wonder if it was a dream
Remember how you made me crazy
Remember how I made you scream

I can see you, your brown skin shinin' in the sun
I see you walkin' real slow and you're smilin' at everyone
I can tell you my love for you will still be strong
After the boys of summer have gone