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Yet Another Bloody Bar Guide

Drinking in Ibiza follows the same basic principles as drinking in other locations around the world... However there are some important differences, mostly involving money

Drinking in Ibiza follows the same basic principles as drinking in other locations around the world:

  1. Purchase beverage of choice
  2. Open mouth
  3. Swallow
  4. Feel good

However there are some important differences, mostly involving money. You might think because Ibiza is a mass market tourist destination where the majority of visitors drink lots that economies of scale would make boozing comparatively cheap. If so, you'd be very wrong.

The price you pay at the bar has little to do with the actual cost of the constituent ingredients. It has everything to do with your surroundings. For example the better looking the wait staff, the more expensive the drink. Central locations, cutting edge music, famous clientele, and general busy-ness all drive prices upwards.

With that in mind we've picked out a few rising stars of the bar scene which are affordable now, but will probably seriously deplete your wallet next year:

Savoy, Calle Garijo, Ibiza Town

The port area of Ibiza's unofficial capital city has long held a cachet due to its ability to attract the most flamboyant of party people. Savoy opened for business here in May this year, but its Austrian owner Wolfi says the organisation has been in existence for three.

The 28-year-old claims to be the youngest proprietor on a very competitive strip, but his lack of experience is made up for with enthusiasm and savvy. Speaking three languages (English, German and Spanish) helps too and Wolfi says he likes a "mixed up crowd".

He is assisted in this endeavour by frontman Dom from Bournemouth, who describes himself as the "best fucken pr" in the vicinity. Savoy - brash, flash and friendly. Go there tonight.

Lola's, Carrer d'Alfons 12, Ibiza Town

One of the progenitors of the White Isle scene, scene stealing scenesters were having it in Lola's long before overseas promoters first started mining Ibiza's association with intense leisure.

Right now on Monday night they've got NastyDirtySexMusic with Smokin' Jo and Tim Sheridan who were, ahem, moved along from their overly successful spot at Ciao Rosina, First Class with Kato and the What's Up? lot on Saturday nights, and more. The décor is white so wear your sprucest threads and don't spill anything.

Not to be confused with: the low rent Lola's in San An's West End which reportedly features "human bull fighting". Oh please god no.

Bar M, San An

Bar M in San An is already well entrenched, but its popularity is increasing in proportion to that of the Manumission brand it represents. The owners have invested some serious cash in the venue including an glass floor on the terrace perfect for voyeurs and exhibitionists alike.

They've enclosed the main drinking area in glass so they can really pump up the tunes which are selected by some really rockin' jocks, especially on Monday nights when the Northern Monkey and more take control of the knobs and faders. Ooh er and then some.

Manoa, Edificio Bossa Mar, Playa d'en Bossa

Another area which is currently receiving an injection of investment cash is Playa d'en Bossa. It's no co-incidence this boss of beaches is also home to one of the world's most famous clubs, Space. A host of hotels and bars have sprung from various wastelands that used to surround the venue, including a simply massive complex in what used to be beach club Bora Bora's dirty great carpark.

Just along from that is Manoa, one of a new breed of more upmarket joints catering to the influx of more discerning drinkers. The large terrace is perfect for chilling and imbibing the reasonably priced beer and the full range of enticing cocktails. Say hi to Italian Alex on the way in, he's been expecting you.