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Who Cares - Cova Santa

At Cova Santa. Just party!


The party concept of Who Cares? is simple. The most important thing is to enjoy and dance to the rhythm of the best music. Without any line-up announcements or big headliners, this party returns back to the roots of Ibiza's authentic party essence.

In response to the typical questions that come up when choosing a party - Who's playing? Who else is going? Have the set times been announced? But... what kind of party is this? - the answer here is WHO CARES?

Just be yourself without limitations at this party because, when everything is said and done, you are the essence of a great party.

The party takes place at Cova Santa on five exclusive dates throughout the season: 9 and 23 July, 13 August and 20 August plus 24 September 2019.

For more details and tickets, see below.

Venue: Cova Santa

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