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SWAG Baby! - SWAG Ibiza

At SWAG Ibiza. Ladies night with Reggaeton, Hip-Hop, R&B and Afro.


SWAG Baby! is a joint production between the club's Tuesday night promoter We Love Black Music and Saturday hosts XCANDALOUS. Catering to the fairer sex, each and every Wednesday in summer 2023 is ladies night. So you know what that means girls, it's your night to shine and take centre stage.

It's about time the patriarchy was smashed and men put in their place. You go, queen and remember W.W.B.D.? (What would Beyoncé do?) Men, it's time you work for us, so show us what your daddy gave ya.

Have you got that swag, baby?

SWAG Baby! takes place every Wednesday until 9 August.

See below for tickets.

Venue: SWAG Ibiza

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