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LunArts - Cova Santa

At Cova Santa. Brought to you by the creative minds behind Woomoon and Storytellers.


LunArts is the talent agency and production outfit behind immersive Cova Santa parties Woomoon and Storytellers. Spawned from the Nomad Suntribe collective, LunArts has played its part on some of Ibiza's most cherished events, gatherings that go beyond being merely parties, where art, spirituality, nature, music and ideology are interwoven.

LunArts roster is home some of electronic music's most unique musicians, including Ruede Hagelstein, Aparde, Kiamos, Stimming, Glauco Di Mambro and Deer Jade.

After focusing on its hit productions Woomoon, Storytellers and the iconic Acid Sundays, LunArts is launching an artist showcase under its own name in 2022.

On Saturday 17 September, it brings Cole Knight, Doumi San, Los Suruba and Gaya Brisa back-to-back Landikhan to the San José hillside retreat.

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Venue: Cova Santa

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