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Float Your Boat Fridays - Boat Parties - San Antonio

At Boat Parties - San Antonio. The boat party that gets you Hï!


Since the new club's inception in 2017, Float Your Boat have been working together with Hï Ibiza and this successful collaboration continues for summer 2018 - only that this time it's even better.

Apart from the already traditional Tuesday departure, every Friday from 25th May to 5th October, hop on the legendary Float Your Boat sunset cruise leaving from San Antonio. Enjoy 3 hours aboard while dancing to the tunes of some of the world's best DJs playing on a fantastic sound system and watching that ball of fire descend into the sea. If you buy the combo ticket you then get to choose between three nights at Hï Ibiza to carry on: either directly on Friday night with Glitterbox (1 June - 28 September), alternatively on Saturdays with Black Coffee (26 May - 6 October) or on Sunday nights with Cream Ibiza (24 June - 2 September). So...what are you waiting for?

Boat Only Ticket includes:

- 3 hour boat party with the unbeatable Ibiza sunset
- 4 free drinks on board (beer, white wine and soft drinks)
- Top international DJs as well as Ibiza resident DJs on board

Package ticket includes:

- 3 hour sunset boat party
- 4 free drinks on board (beer, white wine and soft drinks)
- Top international DJs as well as Ibiza resident DJs on board
- Free Bus from San Antonio to Hï Ibiza
- Entry to either Glitterbox (Friday night, 1 June - 28 September), Black Coffee (Saturday night, 26 May - 6 October) or Cream Ibiza (Sunday night, 24 June - 2 September) at Hï ibiza - entry strictly before 01:00
- Entry to Ocean Beach Ibiza on Wednesday or Saturday (daytime party, entry before 14:00)


  • Meeting point and ticket redemption is at Itaca Bar on the San Antonio beachside promenade from 16:00 onwards (15:00 in September).
  • Please arrive early, with your printed ticket and ready to board. You must exchange your ticket for a wristband no later than 17:00 (16:00 in September) . From Itaca, FYB staff will walk you to the boat. If you don't redeem your ticket until 17:00 (16:00 in September) your boat entry will not be guaranteed.
  • The boat party runs from 18:00 to 21:00 (17:00 to 20:00 in September) and leaves from opposite the fountains in the centre of San Antonio (near the egg roundabout, see map below).
  • Ticket includes the boat party and four drinks aboard (draught beer, white wine, softdrinks).
  • The boat has a fully stocked and staffed bar onboard selling drinks at normal affordable bar prices.
  • The combo ticket furthermore includes bus transfer and one entry to Hï Ibiza on Friday (Glitterbox, 1 June - 28 September), Saturday (Black Coffee, 26 May - 6 October) or Sunday (Cream Ibiza, 24 June - 2 September). Entry is strictly before 01:00 on all nights with the combo ticket.
  • The bus to Hï leaves at 00:00 from the San Antonio bus station. You are not obliged to take the bus if you prefer to travel to Hï club on your own expense. You can enter the club once you have exchanged your ticket for a wristband and enter the club before 01:00.
  • The combo ticket also includes entry to Ocean Beach Ibiza on Wednesday or Saturday, entry before 14:00.
  • If you arrive too late to get your ticket redeemed or if you miss the boat you can still gain access to Hï by exchanging your ticket for a wristband at the official Float Your Boat outlet in Itaca Bar any day of the week between 15:00 and 18:00.
  • Coming on board is at your own risk. The vendor accepts no responsibility for any injuries sustained while on board, although the boat is fully insured under Spanish law, we expect responsible behavior at all times while at sea.

  • Float Your Boat is committed to promoting sensible and responsible drinking, and anyone not adhering to this will not be allowed to board the boats or receive a refund.
  • Float Your Boat reserves the right to reschedule the boat party to another time within 24 hours with no refund, if the boat company deems weather or mechanical problems make it impossible for boats to sail.
  • If you arrive to the boat after above times, you will not be allowed to board the boat, this point will be strictly adhered too.
  • The sale and/or use of drugs is strictly prohibited under Spanish law.

Venue: Boat Parties - San Antonio

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