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El Fabuloso - Cova Santa 2023

At Cova Santa. El Fabuloso makes a bright and fun-filled return to Cova Santa.


Mixing things up to the rest of the calendar and, for many in the know, one of the highlights of the summer, the El Fabuloso lands back at Cova Santa for a trio of Saturdays. You will want to dig out your tropical attire and Hawaiian shirts for this one.

Fabuloso is part of Cova's Santa varied programme in 2023, which also includes dates for Woomoon, Storytellers, All Day I Dream, The Soundgarden, Flower Power, Eastenderz, PIV, Do Not Sleep, Them, Sacro and Shibiza Nights.

For Fabuloso, you will find Cova Santa transformed with colourful decor brought in especially for the occasion. Hawaiian tropical style is the order of the day.

Many special artists bring a soundtrack of Rock, Disco, '80s House, Funk, Soul and Indie music. Confirmed acts include Carlos Areces, Locomía, Samantha Hudson, Joe Crepúsculo, Eduardo Navarrete, Silvia Superstar, Vinila Von Bismark and many more.

The dates for your diary are 10 June, 8 July and 12 August.

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Venue: Cova Santa

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