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Toddla T’s carnival pool parties land at Ibiza Rocks Hotel

The wackiest poolside carnival on the island will be in San An this June.

For two special dates only, on 15 and 29 June Toddla T will be turning the Ibiza Rocks Hotel into a sizzling carnival pool party.

Picture this: the soundsystems of Jamaica with more than a touch of the infamous Notting Hill carnival bringing the colours, sounds, energy and sweet smells to the giant pool of the ultimate party hotel in San An. Yeah, you guessed it. This will be one hell of a pool party.

With a tweaked reggae vibe, the poolside jamboree delivers a mishmash of musical genres. Bashment, dancehall, drum & bass, grime, garage and house will all be decorating the sonic realm, true to the Ibiza Rocks mantra of covering the rest of the musical spectrum.

Lethal Bizzle will join Toddla T, The Heatwave, DRS, and Nadia Rose on the 15th of June. The celebrated Jamaican Sean Paul together with Donaeo, Coco, and once again Toddla T and DRS will take care of the 29th with the help of Patrick Nazemi and homegrown Ibiza Rocks Soundsystem DJs for the celebration of all things carnival.

Expect plenty of inflatables, whistles, decorations, horns and body painting adorning the party hotel pool area. With more than your recommended dose of dutty wining, skanking, twerking and jerk chicken, this carnival pool party promises to be unlike anything else on the island. Don't know what some of these are? Grab your chance to find out.

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