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Review: Life and Death opening at DC10, 2015

Fresh air, lots of techno and a new concept for Friday nights.

Believe me, Ibiza Fridays will taste like quality techno as the Italian record label, Life and Death, proved last night on its very first evening at the emblematic DC10. We Spanish have a popular saying which come to something like, 'if the good is little then it is twice as good' - and the line-up had already verified the adage when it came to light with only four names (but what names!) on charge to make proper noise in the crazy venue. It was a night where the music spoke for itself and all the attendees could enjoy a nicely crowed dancefloor to move comfortably (and without sweating!!!); God bless Life and Death.

You known when you cross DC10 doors and the open area is full of people sitting on the floor smoking? So that didn't happen last night. When I walked into the club I went all the way straight to the main room—which last night was the one and only— to check Job Jobse's last beats which were composed of double bass strings, big vocal tracks and party vibes. While I was listening to him I couldn't stop asking myself, “why did I come so late?” The people were having such a good time and the artist carefully prepared the room for his fellows. A room that, by the way, was incredibly well decorated with an elegant wave of darkness accompanied by red roses, bird-jails, crows and frightened candles hanging from the ceiling and all over the booth.

When Mind Against took over the decks, people went crazy. Berlin based duo, Alessandro and Federico Fognini, offered almost two hours of a musical venture strongly rooted in techno where deep soundscapes, tribal swings and sexy, powerful melodies were the main protagonist. As they were warming in, tracks such as Groove Garcia & Del Horno's Bali or Jon Alva's Insane Dimensions were filling the room with energy besides their own productions like the tune Vertere which we've already given you notice of. Their sound was enthralling, going for more melodic and rhythmic techno cuts bringing an end to the musical journey.

But the show had to go on so Recondite jumped to the booth to send the musical event through the roof. While Mind Against went for a more variety set, the German opted to build another kind of set, full of his own productions like Buteo, from his effing-amazing-album Iffy, or Serak following the session line through his particular groove which filled the room with slow moves and hands up. But that was only half of what he had prepared; when the set was walking to the end Recondite stepped up the intensity and sped up the beats, playing harder music with which we burned the soles of our sneakers.

Last but not least, the Tale of us duo, together and up in arms until the closing. Their track list was quite different from their sets at Circo Loco or at the Enter opening, which was a gift, providing two hours of psychedelic trance and melodic techno accompanied by high-pitched percussions and squeaky synths. The guests were in their own world of rounding head movements and flying arms, enjoying the quality set the Italians were bringing and whistling to the music in that kind of way where you can see they are having a good time, and recognise and fully appreciate what they are listening to. Those are my favorite kind of crowds.

Sadly the night came to an end, just as life and death must, and I went home (after trying the massively packed queue of Mc'Auto) andimmediately marked DC10 Friday nights in my party calendar. Life and Death celebrated more than an opening party but a music event dedicated to techno lovers in a less cluttered environment than the other nights DC10 opens its doors.

WORDS | Natalia Gutiérrez PHOTOGRAPHY | Tasya Menaker

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