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Melon Bomb drops on Pikes

Fruity tunes this Friday.

Get ready for a ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch MELON BOMB at Pikes hotel this Friday the 17th of April, as one of Ibiza's freshest party ventures drops on the eccentric San An venue, with a deliciously unavoidable funk and soul fall out zone that will hover over the venue aaaaalll night.

The brainchild of DJ Scott Gray (aka pop gothic artist Chapter), Ben Santiago and Paul Reynolds, Melon Bomb is clearly a creation by men of music who know the island's dance floors like the back of their hands - all capable of the most unbeleivably fun-loving eclectic sets of old school jams, soul, funk, disco, soulful house and whatever else jumps out from their collections in the moment. These three melon-bomb pioneers will also be joined by the talented Steve Altman, providing tunes between them all night long.

Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes, the generous and appropriate hosts for the evening, are inviting guests to enjoy a drinks happy hour from 10pm to 1am. We won't need telling twice.

All the ingredients are there; this is sure to be a fun one. We'll leave you with the party's official manifesto from Paul, Ben and Scott...

“We wanna blow your Melon with SOUL”

PHOTO | Pikes Hotel

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