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Review: Destino closing party, 2014

The cliff top venue gives the season a send off to remember.

Before I quit my job, booked a one way ticket and upped sticks to come and work in Ibiza back in May, I'd never even set foot on this legendary little piece of land before - no point in doing things by halves eh. It's safe to say that my knowledge of what to expect was pretty basic, pieced together by hedonistic movie scenes and excitable friend's anecdotes: jaw-dropping clubs, insane partying locations, beautiful views, even more beautiful people, and of course a constant stream of world class DJs. Not expecting much then...

Well thanks to nights like my last on the island, I'm happy to say that, despite my high expectations, I wasn't disappointed. It was a Wednesday night, and one I'd been looking forward to, (but at the same time dreading!), all season. My Ibiza 2014 clubbing career was to end in Sankeys later that night, but first on my agenda was a trip to Ibiza Town, and Pacha's outdoor offshoot - the beautiful, - and oh so wonderfully 'Ibiza' - venue, Destino, for its end of season closing party.

Nestled in the cliff tops, Destino is a venue unlike any other. Its views over Dalt Vila warrant a visit in itself and it is up there with some of the most luxurious places to stay on the island, all the while throwing parties with line-ups that hold their own next to the biggest of super clubs. This combination means it attracts a unique crowd: old, young, those who have come to see their favourite DJ, and guests that are simply interested to see what it's all about. Lined up to entertain this unorthodox bunch for the final leg was a musical roster worthy of exciting even the most hard to please music head.

When I arrived, British newcomer Hot Since 82 was finishing up working his magic in the dusky evening. His funky, pop-infused sound was the perfect soundtrack as people danced and mingled among the palm trees. A unique atmosphere, the open arena not only offers up space to dance, but pool side beds to recline on, and even areas to sit and sample the gourmet snacks on offer, meaning that the rather over used saying 'something for everyone' is in this case quite apt.

Unlike its legendary counterpart Pacha, the venue was clutter free from elaborate dancers and shows, leaving its phenomenal views and structural masterpiece above the stage - a large, wooden awning - to do the talking. In the same way a supermodel barely needs a scrap of make up to look flawless, all Destino needs to blow you away are a few lights to highlight what's already there.

With the golden glow from the stage now piercing into the night's sky, it was the turn of Pacha favourite Miss Kittin, who charmed the ever-growing crowd with tracks like the infectious remix from Pan Pot of Martin Eyerer's The Cake, and Floorplan's Never Grow Old, which has without a doubt turned out to be one of season's signature tracks. Less heavy than her normal sound, it was testament to the French front women that she can play to her audience - in this case giving us the sound of summer we're all reluctant to let go of just yet.

Next up was another girl who knows her way around the decks, Maya Jane Coles. Hot property on the island, Coles has enjoyed an unprecedented summer, with her faithful fans following her everywhere from Ushuaïa to DC. Switching it up a gear, the scattered crowd gravitated towards the stage as a dirtier, grinding bass flooded through the speakers, leaving people no option than to get in the thick of it and dance. Bottom heavy cuts like Mendo's Melody heaved themselves through drop after drop, the bass smashing through the crowd and off into the night. Maya was clearly embracing her last set of the summer, getting as caught up in the journey she was navigating us through as much as the next person. Tracks we'd heard at her penultimate set on the Terrace at Space's ENTER. closing were incorporated once again, from Secluded's Round 12 to Floorplan, (see what I mean about it being popular), giving us an insight into her favourite sounds of the summer.

Finishing off the alfresco part of the night was special guest, Carl Craig, bringing us a slice of his coveted Detroit techno. The Grammy-nominated DJ continued with the dark and heavy sound Coles had ventured into, with cuts like Gary Beck's Say What (Adam Beyer remix). Pulling out the big guns towards the end, Craig dropped his remix of Inner City's Buena Vida (Good Life), igniting excitement through the crowd and perfectly summing up what had been a perfect night, an amazing fortnight of closings, and one unforgettable summer. Until next year Destino.

WORDS | Joanna Wright PHOTOGRAPHY | Destino

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