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Podcast: SPTL178: Magdalena

The breakthrough lady of the Diynamic family and pioneer of the EGO club in Hamburg drops an exclusive mix. Catch her at Destino on September 18th.

The Mix

Where and how was the mix recorded?

"In a tiny room in Ibiza. ☺"

Talk us through the track selection of the mix.

"Since I recorded the mix in Ibiza, it has a very summer-y touch. It starts out slow and is very melodic... the perfect sunshine mix for the beach."

What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this mix?

"I have been running a club in Hamburg for about 8 years, seen the world's best play there, and then started to play myself. Being together with the Diynamic Family influenced me a lot, but I am increasingly getting my own signature style now."

In what setting is the mix best enjoyed?

"Since it was recorded on a sunny island, it is of course best enjoyed on a sunny island! Bring your boombox to the beach and play this loud! Or, if you are somewhere else and wish to be at the beach, just close your eyes and listen. ☺"

The Plug

You recently played Burning Man. What was your experience like from both a fan and an artists point of view?

"People go crazy for this festival! Every little detail is so amazing! To play in the middle of the desert has something very apocalyptic about it - as if the end of the world was near. Nobody had a care in the world and so they could enjoy themselves infinitely. As a DJ you play with such ease. It is just mesmerising."

"I understand why people that went there once come back every time after that."

You've many connections with the Diynamic family and their parties on Ibiza this year, how have the parties been so far?

"It's a really nice vibe on the White Island. I have played at a few of the Diynamic Outdoor events at Destino and Cova Santa and it's just great. The crowds at both venues are very different, but that way we get to reach even more people with our music and everyone can enjoy the Diynamic experience."

"We are also hosting a few free beach parties called 'Diynamic at the Beach'. This is the real old school Ibiza vibe: people just dancing in the sand at the beach, listening to great music, enjoying the sunshine. Everyone can come, there are no restrictions. And I absolutely love daytime open air parties."

It's a real shame there have been troubles with the Cova Santa venue, we love the place! What was happening to force all the changes on you guys?

"Well, this sometimes happens with new venues, but luckily we have lots of friends and partners on the island. Within one hour we managed to organize a new venue, get a nice soundsystem over there and all the people came anyways. It was a huge success."

Your journey into the dance music scene with Diynamic is a relatively new one. How have you found being on the road with the crew so far? Any highlights?

"Yes there are! Sonar has been an amazing experience. We had two Diynamic Showcases there and I also played at Anja Schneider's Mobilee Pool Party. Great vibe there with all the other artists present. Barcelona is such a creative melting pot."

"Furthermore I enjoy Ibiza very much. Seeing the Diynamic boys at our events, playing with them or just hanging out. It is very familiar."

You play many warm up sets, and this really is an art form to be a good ‘warm up DJ'. How do you work it, how do you plan your set?

"Well, this always depends on the location and who I play the warm up set for. Mostly I adjust to that and see where the night should lead to. The set time is also a very important factor."

You ran the well respected EGO club in Hamburg, to those not in the know about it, what did the club offer?

"Well, the club was closed in July, at the peak of its glory. It was my heart and soul, but I wanted to focus on my DJing career 100%. I think this is very important if you want to achieve something in life."

What does the future hold? Are we going to be seeing much more of you in years to come?

"I just came back from recuperation from being a club owner and booker for several years, without any vacation during the whole time. I took some weeks off to find myself and peace of mind. Now I am ready, and start with full throttle. With our Diynamic events on Ibiza, warm up sets for the Solomun +1 parties at Pacha and many others I am ready to go."

Lastly, imagine you have some time off (!!!) on Ibiza. Where would go? Who would you go with?

"I would go to the beach with my friends, enjoy the sunshine and the sea and then later out to dinner. Some fish, maybe a nice glass of rosé. Yeah, that's about it. I don't need much more! ☺"


Hamburg based superwoman Magdalena is the latest addition to the Diynamic artist roster. Not only does she run the renowned EGO Club in Hamburg; she also has her monthly residency there, releases her own radio show each month and plays regularly gigs in clubs like Weekend or Watergate in Berlin or Pacha and Diynamic Outdoor events on Ibiza and she is a regular part of all Diynamic Showcases worldwide. And if all that wasn't enough, she is also hosting the very popular EGO AIR every summer, a daytime open air party series in Hamburg.

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