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Eden property owner not happy with Gatecrasher

One season seems to be enough for Michael van de Kuit...Eden coming back next year?

It's no secret that Gatecrasher Ibiza didn't perform well this summer. What started off with what looked like a nice weekly line-up pretty quickly turned into DJ no-shows, promoter cancellations and a currently closed venue as a consequence. Since the last week of August no news has emerged out of GC headquarters. Now it's the venue's owner, Michael van de Kuit, who broke the silence.

Van de Kuit had bought the venue two years ago and, with his team, had run it in 2013 but with little success. Last winter he then concluded a deal with Gatecrasher, hoping the once so strong UK brand could bring life back into San Antonio nightlife. In a statement issued on Dutch newspage quotenet, MvdK now expresses his displeasure: staff apparently haven't been paid (something that has been doing the rounds on the island for a while now) and the GC managers now seem to be on the run. The property's owner wants to file a petition for bankrupcy against both Gatecrasher as a company as well as against Simon Raine as a person.

The parties have a running ten year contract, so what's going to happen? Michael van de Kuit's reply: "Eden will be back next year. The Dutch will just have to do it."

We will update once more facts are available.

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