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Review: Ibiza Rocks The Boat, 27th June

Sun, sea and Sangria. All aboard for Ibiza Rocks the Boat!

After six weeks on this little island, only yesterday did I finally find my sea legs and hop on to one of Ibiza's famous wave top parties - and after three hours of sun, sea and sangria, it left me wondering what on earth I'd been wasting my afternoons on up until now!

Ibiza Rocks the Boat was my vessel of choice, and the two storey boat on which the event was held was kitted out with both a Funktion-One sound system and a slide - a recipe for a good party if ever I heard one. Unlike many of the other boat parties that set sail later to catch the sun set, Ibiza Rocks sends its party-goers out at 2pm, so that they're back in time to continue the party with a night of live music and DJs over at the Hotel. That night my fellow passengers were off to see Example, DJ Wire and Doorly, and with that line up to look forward to, 29 degree heat and not a cloud in sight, I think you can keep your sunset.

In charge of the decks was Ibiza Rocks resident DJ Ste-V-Something, who kept the top deck bouncing with a steady stream of high energy, sing along favourites. He laid down some of the year's biggest tracks, like Azealia Banks' tongue in cheek hit 212 and the song that, whether you like it or not, you're probably going to know every word to by the end of the season if you don't already, Keiza's smash Hideaway. Stevie also gave us some nineties classics, with Fatboy Slim's Praise You followed by R.Kelly, who's mind was telling him no, but his body, his body was telling him yes. You get the drift. Adding a nice change from the norm, we were also treated to an acoustic performance from a friend of Stevie's, because what Ibiza Rocks event would be complete with out some live music?

Ibiza is known for its spectacular looking parties, and each year the clubs compete to put on the biggest and best productions to keep your eyes busy. But one set of parties they can't compete with in these stakes are those on-board the boats, who have mother nature as their backdrop and wipe the floor with anything else you can expect to see on the island. With miles of clear ocean and incredible cliffs and coves, these postcard ready views of the coast are what you can expect as standard, and why boat parties should definitely be on your Ibiza bucket list.

Once the captain had found a suitably picturesque spot, it was time to put the anchor to good use and let everyone cool off in the Mediterranean waters. Having been particularity excited to partake in this boat party tradition, I was less than impressed when someone decided that it would be a really fun idea to start feeding the fish, and the clear water I'd been about to hurl myself into suddenly looked more like an aquarium. Brilliant. As you can probably tell, me and fish don't mix well. No exciting story of a childhood encounter resulting in a missing limb or anything like that I'm afraid, just me being a wuss. However - you can breath a sigh of relief people - being the dedicated reviewer that I am I faced my fears and jumped in anyway, and aren't I glad I did! Panda eyes aside, getting the chance to float around under the sun, with Mr.Probz's summer anthem never sounding more apt, this is undoubtedly up there with some of the best ways to spend an afternoon on the island.

With everyone back on board, minus a couple of Ibiza Rocks inflatables, it was time to head back to shore to the sounds of Wilkinson, Sigma, and Bill Wither's Lovely Day, with the small army of brown-shouldered, salty-haired smiling faces ready to make their way to W.A.R.

WORDS | Joanna Wright PHOTO | Luke Dyson

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