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Review: Privilege Opening Party, 2014

One hell of an Ibiza party.

If square footage and flashy pyrotechnics get you going, then Privilege is definitely the Ibiza hotspot for you. Last night it opened its very large doors for its 21st season opening party. Officially the biggest club in the world, the opening saw the first of many party-goers this season looking for bigger and better, flock from all corners of the world to check it out - and it certainly is an impressive sight. The main room is more akin to a stadium arena, with crowds literally stretching off into the distance, a swimming pool in the centre and a DJ booth bigger than most other club's rooms. Dutch headliner Fedde Le Grande took to the stage at 3am and delivered a high energy set combining thudding bass and dramatic build ups from the likes of Marc Benjamin's original Riser Mix, with paired down tracks like the Sultan and Ned Shepard remix of Bruno Mars' hit Locked Out Of Heaven.

In keeping with the stadium-esque proportions of the room, the crowd were one of the most receptive crowds I've witnessed at an EDM DJ set. People screamed and cheered like they were seeing Calvin Harris himself up on the Glastonbury stage belting out We'll Be Coming Back, not Fedde Le Grande dropping the R3hab Edc Vegas remix in Ibiza. With hands swaying and people sat on shoulders, it certainly wasn't what I'm used to seeing in Ibiza, but nevertheless the crowd did appear to be having the time of their lives. They needed no encouragement to sing along with the Third Party remix of Red Hot Chilli Pepper's Otherside, and Fedde Le Grand's own track No Good was met with shrieks of excitement.

Anyone who had been worried they weren't going to get their money's worth from last nights opening had nothing to worry about, as this club had probably spent more cash on impressive light shows, Co2 cannons and fire displays in one night than what most of us earnt last year. There was enough confetti to stock a royal wedding, and even a six foot robot who strolled on stage during Fedde Le Grand's set, shooting lasers and sparks out of its arms into the crowd, Buzz Lightyear eat your heart out.

Over in the Vista Club was Privilege's new concept The Pharm party, the event that is to replace the legendary Elrow on Saturday nights. Big boots to fill by any standard, but with heart monitor designs on the walls, old medical equipment decorating the walls and even a cage around the bar, they succeeded in creating a laboratory worthy of even the finest musical concoctions. With the medical theme running heavily through the room, Privilege had of course not missed a trick with the podium dancers, who were kitted in various doctor and nurse outfits - that is if underwear constitutes an outfit. A far more underground line-up than in the main room, The Pharm was headed up by Paris based DJ Paul Ritch, who played through the converted spot in the Vista Club that sees in the sunrise, where the crowd get to take in the mind blowing views of Ibiza town. Warming up the crowd for Ritch was Detroit's Gaiser, who did what he does best with an hour and a half of live, stripped back techno. All shuffling bass and fast paced kick drums, it was undoubtedly one of the best sets of the night.

So Privilege is back, and by looks of things bigger and more impressive than ever. Just like everyone's 21st should be, this year looks like it's going to be one hell of a party.

WORDS | Joanna Wright PHOTOGRAPHY | James Chapman

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