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Aliens announce new Reverse party at Privilege Ibiza

Prepare for more sightings...

Remember that UFO sighting video we aired last week, with the inexplicable saucer-like object soaring over Privilege Ibiza? Some of you went running for the Welcome To Our Planet signs, some of you stocked up on tinned food, others raised an eyebrow and lampooned our poor editing techniques… but none of you picked it as the introduction to an excellent new party landing at Privilege in 2014! Yes, this was Privilege's Simpsons Angel Mall moment.

Word is, high ranking Privilege officials made contact with the UFO and met a little alien dude called Rebbie. Rebbie had all sorts of useful information about his home planet (TheReverseWorld), how funny humans look when they laugh and what to expect from Wednesdays in Privilege's Vista Club. Much like the one from last week (only completely different) there will be thirteen ‘Sightings' this season, from the 18th of June until the 17th of September, all instigated by the new planet – I mean party, Reverse.

The mission of Reverse, so expressed by Rebbie the alien dude, is of a peaceful and festive nature, aiming to observe the effects that sessions of quality electronic music have on human beings on a weekly basis. And don't worry - it's the kind of electronic music we understand best. Enter Vitalic, Umek, Uner, Technasia, Dosem, Kaiserdisco, Karotte, Karretero, Monika Kruse, Onno, Pirupa, Riva Starr, Sasha Carassi, Stefano Noferini, Uto Karem and more. A very tasty terrestrial line-up indeed, well done Privilege/Reverse promoters/Rebbie the alien dude.

Tickets on sale soon through Spotlight for Reverse's weekly sightings at Privilege Ibiza.

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