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Cafe Del Mar 2014 Opening Dates Announced

Ibiza takes another step towards the season with the opening of its most famous sunset bar.

You will all no doubt recoginise the view in the photo above from your time with us on the island of Ibiza, although perhaps not many of you have spun around and looked this way. That mesmerising thing you're all looking at is the world famous Ibiza sunset from the San Antonio sunset strip, more specifically - Café del Mar - one of the world's most famous bars.

Unlike its noisier neighbour, Café del Mar certainly has more of a genuine café feel to it for much of the time, complete with old school tables and chairs on the extended decking area in front of the bar. The white-washed walls and decorations inside the bar are very traditional in look, with the whole bar steeped in history and memory for millions of people who have enjoyed a hierbas or two at one of the tables since its opening in 1980. Although, of course drinking is not your only option at Café del Mar, with a great selection of food available throughout the day.

Cafe del Mar is always one of the first of the sunset cafes to open on the San Antonio sunset strip, and this year is no different. The main bar will open on Friday 11th April with the modern outdoor terrace having a separate opening party on Friday 23rd May.

As soon as we have details for the opening we will let you know. For now, enjoy this.

Enjoy the world famous San Antonio strip sunset from the comfort of your own home via this video.

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