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Review: W.A.R Closing Party, September 20th

The electronic side of Ibiza Rocks closes on an intriguing high.

Rockstar. DJ. Traditionally, the two have been very different things but these last two decades have helped nurture the 'cult of the DJ' and transform these once faceless sculptors of electronica into figures who fill stadiums and command entourages just as readily as their guitar wielding peers. W.A.R - or We Are Rockstars - the newest nocturnal addition to Ibiza Rocks Hotel has spend the summer presenting popular crossover artists who tread a tightrope between DJ, producer, live band and dance artiste. With past guests including Skepta, Katy B, Example and Ms Dynamite W.A.R has committed itself to pushing a very British post-Radio 1 sound birthed from grime, garage and megamix style delivery. Headliner Mark Ronson is perhaps the personified example of what W.A.R is trying to achieve, producer, DJ, musician and industry socialist, he lives and breathes music in as many which ways as possible.

We've seen Ronson and Lowe join forces before, and its clear that the two of them are great friends behind the spotlight, their chemistry behind the decks was obvious, their enthusiasm infectious. They playfully tripped from one track to another, mixing hip hop, R & B and popular hits with old school garage and house party classics. High energy, high spirits was the chosen mantra as Zane and Lowe bounced, ethused, from one side of the stage to the other. Taking it in turns to 'take up the mic', Ibiza Rocks was witness to an event which on one side produced accessible, light audio but on the other blistered with ever rising levels of energy. Contender for highlight of the night, the Zane-Lowe megamix machine dropped a quickfire mashup built from the various cover versions of The Zutons' Valerie. Ronson's rise to widespread fame could be largely attributed to his remix of this track, turning it from a relatively mellow indie flick to an upbeat whirler. The arms of the young crowd were held almost entirely aloof for the duration of the performance along with camera phones, faces and clawing hands.

The addition of Soul Clap to closing line-up sparks curiosity. The duo, known for their largely sample based productions and neat, soulful house are very much a part of the 'underground' regiment. By almost sneaking them into this final event were the promoters gauging the possibility of a move towards the electronic dance scene? Throughout the season W.A.R has kept hotel occupants and fresh faces alike dancing. Although at times unsure of it's bias, its footing, in the grey area between electro and live it's clear that the party are committed to pushing themselves forward.

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