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Meet The Spotlight Clubbing Team

Introducing Spotlight's night owls for 2013.

We thought it was about time you met the folks bringing you the news, reviews, photos, films and music of Ibiza Spotlight's clubbing section, from our boss, Stivi, to the deck scrubbing, bag carrying, drink fetching interns (they do none of these things - useless). Feel free to come and say hello if you spot us on the beach or dance floor, or drop us a line on the interwebz anytime – we stay up late.

Role at Spotlight: Clubbing Manager.

City of birth: Bern, Switzerland.

What I love about Ibiza: Almost everything. The stark contrast of the pulsating summer to the quiet winter, the north which stays quiet even in summer, I even love the packed beaches in August, the unique mix of people year in year out, the clubs, the gastronomy, the general vibe. Don't get me started on HUMMERs and other ridiculous stuff though...

Favourite position: At night (or daytime for a very few occasions): Amnesia Terrace, centre. Daytime: any of the beautiful beaches!

When I'm not clubbing I'm… either cracking the whip on my team, racing around fixing stuff and making sure everyone's happy or then, if I ever get a free minute in summer, escape on a scuba dive!

Role at Spotlight: Content Manager, Photographer.

City of birth: The Wirral (next to Liverpool), England.

What I love about Ibiza: Absolutely everything outside of the West End. The fact that every single day is different. The idea that I can make this island my home in the future.

Favourite position: 69. Ok fine, I guess it would have to be on my scooter actually - there is no finer way to see the island.

When I'm not clubbing, I'm… sessioning 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' if I've been left crippled after a night out, pretending I'm on Formentera and I don't have any work to do, or trying to convince people I'm genuinely 27 years old, not 12.

Role at Spotlight: Writer, Head of Music.

City of birth: Sydney, Australia.

What I love about Ibiza: Music and dancing everywhere, all the time. The freaks. The sunsets. Attempted conversation with holidaymakers on their big night. Living by the water.

Favourite position: Jumping on Freddie Mercury's bed at Pikes Hotel: phone lost, rum spilling, DJ in the closet.

When I'm not clubbing, I'm… reading, coastal ambling, couch idling, steak questing and enjoying music without synths. The plan is to own a castle.

Role at Spotlight: Clubbing Intern.

City of birth: Newcastle (haway the toon), England.

What I love about Ibiza: Nothing's too weird, everything's exciting and the nights are twice as long as they are back home. Oh, and the alioli. Mmm, alioli...

Favourite position: Walking home after an amazing night out along the beach at sunrise, when it's still dark behind me.

When I'm not clubbing, I'm… singing, swimming, road-tripping, writing poetry, baking arguably the best cupcakes you'll ever taste and searching for new and wonderful music that makes me dance like an idiot on public transport.

Role at Spotlight: Mover, Shaker, Elephant Tamer (Clubbing Intern).

City of birth: Aberdeen, Scotland.

What I love about Ibiza: Fresh bread, Sangria and escaping the rat race - out here you're closer to how we should all be living.

Favourite position: Anywhere that the sun streams in. By then the music is best and it's only the committed ones left.

When I'm not clubbing, I'm… normally found rolling around in foreign language films or playing with sound recordings. When the glaciers retreat, I will explore wherever the sea air, mountains or dingy buildings take me. Book. Sea food. Engine Oil.