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The World comes to Ibiza

One of the most unique ships chooses Ibiza as its destination in 2013, along with 111 other cruise liners scheduled to visit the island this year.

In tourist facts and figures for the island, most refer to the number of passengers passing through the airport (in excess of 5 million in 2011, compared to the tiny resident population of just over 130,000 locals!)

However, Ibiza is also a popular port and in 2013, already sees over 111 cruise ships, including some of the Worlds most luxurious liners, intending to dock on our shores. Whilst several are noteworthy, the itinerary of one stands out from the crowd.

"The World" is the largest private floating residence in the World. Built in 2001, she first set sail in 2002 and her passengers own the 165 private onboard residences (costing upwards from 1.8 million euros to 5 million euros) Living aboard year round, passengers circumnavigate the World and each year have a say in the following years destinations. Ibiza features on their schedule for 2013 as does Formentera. Due to be in port for four days, The World arrives 06th August and sets sail again, 10th August.

Shipping fans can anticipate the first cruise liners to arrive 02nd April and the last to depart 07th November.

In local ferry news, there's changes afoot too. Baleària, one of the local ferry operators, often recognised by their huge catamarans ploughing across the sea to Formentera, is replacing the catamarans for their new ship, the Posidonia. The catamarans, whilst swift, were unable to cope with heavy seas.

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