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Local Products Market - new venture for 'Ibiza Coop'

NEW DATE: Now every Saturday throughout the summer!!! The Affirmative Action NGO, 'Ibiza Coop' offers a new Local Products Market.


Now Every Saturday!

Markets on the island of Ibiza

It's possibly fair to offer that those who have been to Ibiza but not visited one of the many markets on the island, have missed out on quite an experience. Throughout all seasons on the island, the markets across Ibiza are a hub of activity, social catch-ups, unique local products and good deals. For island visitors the mind might err to "Punta Arabi Hippy Market" in Es Cana or the famed "Las Dalias Market" just on the outskirts of San Carlos.

Lesser well known by island visitors but celebrated by residents are the markets of Sant Jordi (map) and Cala Llenya (Saturday and Sunday, respectively) or the recent but successful Sant Joan Local Products Market (Sundays)

The trading of local products at markets on the island are part of island history, integral to the lifestyle and is honoured to this day.

Affirmative Action NGO Ibiza Coop Local products Market

NGO 'Ibiza Coop' invite you to a Local Products Market

So it is that an island NGO, "Ibiza Coop" are holding a new local products market event, Every Saturday Throughout the summer, 10am - 4pm in the tiny village of 'Forada' (Buscatell) at the celebrated Bar Restaurant, Can Tixedo.

In typical 'Ibiza Coop' style (renowned for their affirmative action), whilst this will be a local products market, they're promising a great deal more from the day, making it a valuable and enjoyable experience for all the family.

NGO 'Ibiza Coop' works tirelessly on the island to promote the connection between the local population and the environment around us. With this in mind the day will offer educational games for children, short lectures and workshops, along with exhibitions to promote sustainable rural economical development.

'Ibiza Coop' Local Products Market offers

* Crafts, tools, clothes and furniture made from local and recycled materials.
* Dried fruits and preserves, including payés hierbas, wines and oils, plus apiculture products
and local agricultural products, such as fruit and vegetables, plants, flowers and seeds.
* Biomass products, charcoal, firewood and local compost.
* Perfumes and cosmetics, including natural soaps, tonics and traditional natural remedies from
different countries, all made in Ibiza.
* Art and culture - including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, photography and graphic art,.
* Performance and poetry, dance and traditional music from different countries, plus simple workshops and small exhibitions.
* Information tables from local cultural groups, environmental and humanitarian organizations

For those interested in participating in the 'Ibiza Coop' Local Products Market, please note there is no charge!

If you would like more information, please don't hesiate to contact Chris Dews via

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