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Civil Servants Sickness Absence Plummets

The life of a Civil Servant is generally considered 'cushie', with 14 pay packets a year, full benefits and a 'job for life' but a recent change in policy might challenge that...

Civil Servants sickness levels in the Baleares had reached such proportions in early 2012 that the Goverment became alarmed. The number of work days being lost was considered astronomical and required action. Under the guidance of President of the Govern, José Ramón Bauzà, union protests were overruled and a new legislation was implimented, which decreed that civil servants would not be paid for their first three days of sickness.

Needless to say, the legislation proved to be hugely unpopular and unions protested strongly. The legislation was adjusted so that the ailing civil servants received 50% of their income. The adjustment was still unpopular but has remained firmly in place. Unions offered that staff would go into work unwell rather than be able to afford the loss in pay.

Regardless of the argument for and against the fairness of the legislation, the results have been nothing short of spectacular. The legislation for Civil Servants sickness came into force June 2012. By December 2012, just six months later, sickness absence from work by civil servants had fallen by 47%.

The unions continue to argue that civil servants are attending work, whilst in reality they are too unwell to do so but with such a massive fall in lost working days, there seems little chance of the unions convincing the government to change its stance or the legislation in the near future..

In Ibiza, the Consell has 567 staff in its employ (figures, 2012).

Workers Commissions Trade Union (CCCO), Mallorca website (one of the bigger unions involved in Civil Servants Rights)

From President of the Govern, José Ramón Bauzà own website - "My Thoughts on Health"

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