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Review: Migjorn Ibiza Suites and Spa

Migjorn Spa - jet pools, reflexology, hot stone massage - a hint of the delights that await at the Four Star venue.


So, I have now become somewhat of a massage connoisseur and I was off to have another relaxing treatment but this time courtesy of four star retreat, Migjorn Ibiza Suites & Spa.

I have often walked passed this particular hotel and wanted to venture inside and now I had the chance. At first glance the hotel looks small but elegantly so, and once inside I realised the reception decorated in black and gold was in fact only the entrance which opened out to a large courtyard that was home to several facilities – the Spa being one of them. Greeted by the lovely masseuse - who was dressed smartly, I was led into the Spa building and given a lovely soft and fluffy dressing gown and slippers to slip into.

Four Star Migjourn Ibiza Suites and Spa

Definitely getting used to this kind of lifestyle I laid down on the bed putting my face into one of those massage table hole's which I am becoming rather familiar with and the relaxation mode began. This time I was treated to a hot stone massage and some reflexology which was the perfect combination of something a little different with something ultra relaxing.

What made this massage that little more interesting was that the French masseuse was clearly trained to a high level, describing what she was doing and how my body would benefit and react as she went along. It was great to get an insight into how a massage can really make you feel fantastic and refreshed.

As the hot stones were laid out along my spine the blend of a nicely chilled room with the warmness of the soft pebbles was a fantastic combination. I was then treated to a really gentle but effective back massage and was informed of a knot or two. So, after finding out I use my phone too much and should alternate which shoulder I hold my bag on the reflexology began... A complete newbie to reflexology (previously only knowing it was something to do with my feet) I quickly wish that I had painted my toes nails with a new coat of varnish in preparation but nevertheless I was happy to indulge in such a treat.

Four Star Migjourn Ibiza Suites and Spa

Pressing hard on my large toe the masseuse informed me that this particular method - and reflexology in general, was a great treatment for those who suffer from Insomnia... for which I don't. Although now a little concerned that I would be falling asleep at any given moment (but also too relaxed to say anything) I happily allowed her to work her magic on my feet, hands and even my calves which tickled immensely bringing the massage to a humorous end.

The massage was not only delightful but it was very insightful and I walked away knowing a lot more about my body and how I can make myself feel better after a hard days work. Feeling a little cheeky I asked to check out the Spa facilities and was chuffed to be given the go ahead - which came hand in hand with a complimentary fruity cocktail.

Four Star Migjourn Ibiza Suites and Spa

Then without hesitation I jumped into the jet pool and with a little more hesitation took a plunge into the ice bath and then repeated several times until I was tired. Finally residing in the salt jacuzzi with my cocktail in hand I enjoyed feeling the water work its magic on my skin. Unfortunately it was soon time to go and after drying myself off in the comfy Spa robe I was on my way – and yes once home I immediately fell asleep therefore I can strongly recommend the reflexology treatment to any insomniacs.

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