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Review: Rejuvenate Skincare and Body Therapy

Karen Yates of Rejuvenate, Cala Llonga is one of the islands foremost experts in skincare, body therapy and grooming. After our visit we understood why.


When Ibiza Retreats and Ibiza Rocks Pikes Hotel decided to put together a Recovery ("Rockovery") package for clubbers who had partied a little too hard, they sourced the best of the best on the island. One of the people they knew they needed was the quietly understated Karen Yates of Rejuvenate Aesthetics Clinic, in Cala Llonga.

Karen Yates has over twenty years experience in the industry and is a firm believer in working with the bodies natural attributes to help it repair itself. Acknowledged as an expert, in moving to Ibiza some three years ago, Karen also carefully sourced a product range she trusted and knew - introducing a series of treatments not previously available on the island. Karen was the first to offer the latest revolutionary Peptide and stem cell resurfacers (excellent results in treating fine lines and wrinkles, acne /acne scarring, pigmentation/sun damage.) Both her professional products and those available for purchase containing the revolutionary products Syn-ake and Snap 8.

With this degree of pedigree I decided to pop along and see what all the fuss was about. On arrival Karen and I had an informed chat about what I was looking for - I'd never had a facial before and after a full week of work in peak season, was exhausted. She recommended a rejuvenating anti-oxidant facial, which also included a head, shoulder and arm massage. Between you and I, my expectations weren't particularly high although Karen herself seemed confident that I would enjoy the experience. I'd never had a facial before because they had simply never appealed.

Skincare body therapy grooming Rejuvenate Aesthetics Cala Llonga

Settingly down comfortably in her treatment room of soft pink, purple decor, she invited me to close my eyes and relax. For the next forty-five minutes or so, I found myself silently going "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" and making a list of friends whom I just had to treat to this. The experience was wonderful.

What I actually received as I drifted happily with the sensations was a Dermalogica Prescriptive facial where all the products were specifically chosen to suit my skin requirements. Firstly my skin was cleansed and then a gentle exfoliation undertaken (made from rice which munches away at the dry dead skin) leaving the skin lightened and brightened. After this was applied, Karen massaged into the skin calming botanicals and revitalizing aromatherapy oils. She used a technique she had developed and perfected across two decades, incorporating a lymphatic massage to increase the removal of toxins and increase blood supply. Also included was a Tibetan head massage (at which point I drifted off so contentedly that I had no sense of the World around me whatsoever) In no way had I expected the treatment to have this effect. It was one of those moments when I wished I had discovered the pleasures of an expert facial decades earlier.

I had walked in, keen to do my job and walked out a convert. What tickled me even further was that as I went about my next few days of appointments and events, I received comments along the lines of "babyface" and "looking fresh and well" - in a month when almost everyone on the island starts to reflect the pressures of the tourism season at its peak.

Skincare body therapy grooming Rejuvenate Aesthetics Cala Llonga

Karens range of treatments at Rejuvenate is extensive - everything from natural face-lifts (great for the bride), manicures and pedicures (incl a unique treatment for treating cracked heels), and a range of rejuvenating body massage treatments including the highly acclaimed hot stone therapy which Karen also blends with Repechage seaweed treatment.

All treatments are suitable for both men and women and understanding the toll a really good party holiday can have on a person, Karen offers a great range of "Ibiza Preparation Packages" (which I think I should do before I next pop across to England - party hard but go home looking fabulous - what a bonus!)

Please contact Karen at Rejuvenate directly - more details can be found here - Rejuvenate Aesthetics Clinic

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