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Ibiza survives 21.12.12

End of the World, Time of the Apocalypse, just another work day or perhaps even a time of Spiritual Awakening. Whatever it has been, Ibiza has survived


Let me set your mind immediately at ease. It was meant to be the end of the World ... in the middle of Winter. The sun shone, the day a magnificent 18 degrees and Ibiza has survived (at least up to time of writing)

Truth be, the rumours about the 'end of the World' on 21.12.12 never seemed to really get a grip on the island. In fact, the population seemed quite firmly in two camps - it was either just another work day or it was time for us to enter the 'Spiritual Age'.

Whilst some went to work, across the island there were a mass of gatherings. Meditation groups abounded and Es Vedra, reputed to be home to Ibiza's goddess, Tanit and her sirens, was a strong focal point for many. Up in the pine heavy hills overlooking Es Vedra, people gathered, sharing silence, music and food in a day of celebration.

Just above Cala d'Hort, directly in front of Es Vedra, others gathered. Some sitting comfortably in their own space, enjoying the sunshine and striking view, some again sharing a group meditation.

World Family Ibiza End of the World 21.12.12.

In the North of the island, just outside San Juan at World Family (on any other day a boutique stocking the highest quality handmade merchandise) it was also a day of sharing and celebration. The shop was emptied of stock and a huge area for free treatments was beautifully created. The effort and organisation was frankly impressive.

An open invitation was extended to all those on the island, to all ages and nationalities. Come eat, partake in free massages and treatments, and feel welcome to join in the meditations, singing and gratitude of this auspicious day. People arrived in car-loads, smiles of welcome abounded, children played in the sunshine and shamanic drummers sat on hay bales, the rhythmic beats filling the air.

World Family Ibiza End of the World 21.12.12.

A ceremony to give thanks to the elements - wind, water, fire, air, - accompanied with singing and music, the burning of incense was par for the course. The Ibicenco locals stood shoulder to shoulder with people from England, The Netherlands, Germany, Morocco, the list goes on. Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Pagans, Atheists stood as friends.

World Family Ibiza End of the World 21.12.12.

Finally, the light started to fade. The parties and celebrations go on. This author is going to take the liberty of offering that she hopes so too will the good humour, the generosity, the warmth and camaraderie witnessed today. The best of both Ibiza and humanity was easy to see in todays celebrations and surely for even that alone, it is worth considering 21.12.12 a special day.