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Ibiza Canine Charity Calendar

A Christmas Gift that supports a local animal charity.

Let's face it, we all need a calendar. They're just the ticket for counting down the days to your holiday in Ibiza, or more practically, hiding that botched screw hole in the living room wall with a pleasing photo.

So, if you're going to buy one, why not help our four legged friends in need by purchasing the new 2013 Calendar produced by Ibiza's Animal Protection Centre at Sa Coma, featuring photos of 12 of the dogs and cats who are housed there awaiting new homes?

cover of sa coma calendar, ibiza

This is the second year the calendar, which is priced at a mere €3, has been produced and all the proceeds go to caring for the animals in the centre, making their lives as comfortable as possible and paying vets' bills. The costs of producing the calendar have been kept low as volunteers have designed all the layouts leaving only the printing costs to pay for.

The calendars are on sale at Sa Coma itself, or on a stand manned by volunteers in Ibiza Town's main square, the Vara de Rey, where the Christmas market is taking place.

As a tempter, here's little Asia, a medium sized abandoned female, who's waiting for adoption in Sa Coma at the moment.

dog awaiting adoption in sa coma, ibiza

How adorable is she?

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