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Beached Boat Cleared Away

One of Ibiza's unwanted landmarks has finally been cleared away.

One of Ibiza's unwanted landmarks has finally been cleared away. The cruiser Key West which has been marooned on San Antonio's beach for almost three years is now no longer after it was destroyed by fire in the early hours of Christmas day.

Its long story began in January 2009 when high winds blew around 30 boats which had been moored in San Antonio bay up onto the beach (see our Jan 2009 article). All bar two – the Drass and Key West - were re-floated by their owners or the council almost immediately.

The Drass was eventually broken up for scrap on the beach last year as it was thought too unstable to try to tow it away, whilst the Key West had been 'precincted' by police in both Barcelona and Naples as evidence in a drug smuggling case and couldn't be touched by the council.

burned boat, key west on san antonio beach, ibiza

The fire which started at about 4 am (and was still smouldering at noon when I passed by) conveniently solved the problem for the council who have already had heavy moving equipment in and carted the boat off by the lorry load! The beach has been thoroughly cleaned leaving no sign for next year's holidaymakers that anything ever happened.

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