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IMS conference 2024 | Day one | Rebuilding our community

A spirit of togetherness set the tone for the days to follow.

Fans and friends of the global dance music industry united for the first day of the International Music Summit (IMS) on Wednesday 24 April.

Around every corner of the venue, echoes of “it's been too long" and "nice to put a face to the name" set the tone of togetherness for the days of networking and delving panel discussions.

For the fifteenth edition, IMS has relocated to the new Hyde & Mondrian complex in Cala Llonga.

The tiered layout lent itself to creating custom stage spaces, whilst the pools and terraces made for great networking areas with an easy-going vibe. For those of a shy nature, views of the idyllic cove served as a perfect ice-breaking backdrop.


Innate desire for more people to consume electronic music culture is proving to have a glowing outlook, according to the IMS Business Report 2024. 

Holding some of the answers as to why the genre might spark such a deep connection, Mark Grotefeld of AlphaTheta (formerly Pioneer DJ, pictured above). He spoke of how the tech giant aims to serve the intrinsic needs of the creative mind with innovating new technologies.

Entering a new era, the rebrand embodies its business evolution, with reference to the brain waves that form flow state, the optimal state of human performance and sweet spot for musical creativity.

International Music Summit | Hyde & Mondrian by Facundo Badini

Emphasis on the mind, body and soul continued, when Chicago Acid House legend DJ Pierre took us back to the origins of House music.

A genre founded on creating belonging for those who didn’t, and a space to express self for those previously couldn't. He shared his heartfelt thoughts that resonated across the room.

There's a shared consensus on why everyone present had embarked on a career in the music industry and the importance of reflecting on our sense of belonging.


… the words of an impassioned Madame Gandhi on the topic of rebuilding our community - the overriding theme of this year's conference. 

Expending her optimism, that in adversity there is huge opportunity, the artist and activist instilled a practical sentiment in how industry professionals can make collective change on an individual level.

Be it diverse line-ups from grass roots to global level, or showing up online as the role model we wish we'd had.

International Music Summit | Hyde & Mondrian by Tasya Menaker

Another artist embodying this mantra is Parisian DJ and producer Chloé Caillet.

On the hot topic of self-care in an fast-paced and often volatile working environment, she let us in on the role a good morning routine has played in reducing stress. Other tools included screen downtime and setting boundaries on time for self.

Addressing the out-dated stigma of opting for non-alcoholic riders, she also touched on the importance of healthy alternatives to soft drinks with high-sugar content.

Later, she hushed any doubters with the argument that “by operating from a better sense of self, we generate more income." Better performances ultimately increases the margins for mental and physical capability to take on that extra show.

International Music Summit | Hyde & Mondrian by Hattie Scanlan

The mighty Matutes

Now a name who has been instrumental in instigated many changes on Ibiza. Abel Matutes Prats of the Palladium Hotel Group and Grupo Empresas Matutes (Hï Ibiza, Ushuaïa and Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza) sat down with IMS co-host Pete Tong in a rare interview. 

In the hours leading up to the conversation, Hï Ibiza took home number one club in the world for the third year running in DJ Mag's Top 100 clubs poll.

Hï Ibiza by Felipe Pantone

On the burning question of the soon to reopen Privilege, Abel joked that the vision he has for the club refurbishment is the only viable contender for Hï Ibiza's number one spot (!)

Concerns about Ibiza's rising prices from accommodation to ticket prices also had its air time.

"Clubs would be boring if only they were full of rich people" Abel was quick to state, crediting younger holiday-makers for bringing the vibe that separates Ibiza from other exclusive locations.

Lending some hope in a challenging climate, those at the top are aware of their duty to make Ibiza inclusive for all. Now they must take action.

International Music Summit | Hyde & Mondrian by Tasya Menaker

That's a wrap for day one of IMS 2024. Join us tomorrow as the Ibiza Spotlight team is out in full force to cheer on our clubbing editor Stephen Hunt who joins the class of Ibiza Class of 2024 panel at 11:00. See you there!

PHOTOGRAPHY | by Tatiana Chausovsky, Hattie Scanlan and Tasya Menaker

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