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IMS Grand Finale | Tips & tricks for Dalt Vila

The expert advice courtesy of veterans - that's us!

Our beautiful fortified Old Town, Dalt Vila, hosts a party just once a year. Real festival vibes and a sense of freedom are apparent at International Music Summit (IMS) Grand Finale. For newcomers, we've got some handy tips for how these parties should be tackled.

Tips & tricks

  • Bring a hoody, jacket or coat

While during the day is plenty warm enough right now, even hot enough to sunbathe, once the sun goes down you do notice it's still only April. To be honest, even in past years when IMS was held in late May, we'd still recommend an extra layer for later in the evening.

  • Wear sensible footwear

Linked to the above, but also recommended due to what's underfoot - ancient, occasionally uneven, cobbles. You might want to reconsider high-heels, open-toed shoes, flip-flops or similar. Some sturdy boots or decent trainers will be best. After all, it's 400 years old with character.

  • Get there early

Firstly, you're less likely to queue, which is a bonus. More importantly, you should experience the location's views in daylight and watch the sun set behind the hills to the west. Transformative.

  • Buy your tickets in advance online

Seems obvious, but let us reiterate: parties are selling out. That's just become standard for this opening weekend period. Demand is very high. Let's remember that most of the music industry is in town for IMS business conference.

Don't leave it to chance. As party options sell out one by one, tickets for other parties will start getting snapped up. Visit our party calendar to view all listings and don't hesitate.

  • Plan the rest of your night

Nobody wants to go to bed at midnight. Taxis and buses are going to be busy in the hour immediately after the parties and bars surrounding the venue sure to be packed. If you have designs on hitting another club, buy your tickets in advance and set up a loose game plan.

Spontaneity is good, but a little planning won't go amiss in this situation.

For the final few tickets to IMS Grand Finale on Friday 26 April, head below. Mochakk, Sasha b2b Franky Wah, Miss Monique, Róisín Murphy and more all perform.

Check here for all party listings coming over the next few days.

International Music Summit IMS Grand Finale listings - 2024

Dalt Vila

International Music Summit IMS Grand Finale

[in order of appearance]
IMS Grand Finale is completely SOLD OUT. Tickets remain on sale for the official After Party at Club Chinois from 23.59 h

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