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Go Fund Me campaign for Alfredo nears target

The Godfather of Balearic Beat needs our help.

Alfredo is Ibiza's original superstar DJ.

Whether the embossed Anglo-Ibiza lore or a more realistic turn of events, whichever version resonates with you, Alfredo undeniably played a central role in turning Ibiza into the world power it is today.

Starting at his hedonistic open-air sessions at Amnesia in the mid-80s, he went on to hold residency at all of the major clubs. Truly, the Godfather of the often referenced Balearic Beat. Both as a community and as an industry, we owe him a lot.

Now in his 70s and in ill health, Alfredo needs our help.

After suffering two debilitating strokes, he is frail, unable to work and requires round-the-clock care. Although he remains in good spirits and is well looked after, money is needed to maintain these current standards of living.

Ongoing private healthcare costs and fees for residency in a home for the elderly are proving a financial burden for Alfredo and his family. Unfortunately, the huge DJ fees that are taken for granted in the modern era, were unheard of when Alfredo was at the height of his powers.

We appreciate that in these tough economic times, not everybody is in a position to donate. Even a share on social media will help spread the message and reach a wider audience. And if you are able to donate, any amount, no matter how small, is appreciated.

With almost €35,000 donated so far, the GoFundMe campaign is only a short way off its approx. €40,500 (£35,000) target. With your help, we can not only reach the required amount but beat it.

Thank you to everybody who donated already. You can learn more and pledge at the following link.

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