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Ibiza Spotlight goes renewable with Green Power

Ibiza Spotlight’s ongoing efforts to preserve the island’s environment with Green Power

As part of its genuine commitment to all things environmental, Ibiza Spotlight recently contracted the services of leading renewable energy company, Green Power, to install a comprehensive solar panel system at the company’s HQ. Reporters from the Spotlight team were on the scene to cover the procedure. 

On arrival, the Green Power Team meticulously checked out the house and the roof, gauging the precise angle of the sun and any potential shade to ensure the optimal positioning of their high-quality solar panels and the precise number required. To do this, they used special software. We were reassured by their diligence in coming up with a renewable energy solution tailor-made to suit our needs.

They then thoroughly examined our electricity bills before producing an estimate of what was required for us to become self-sufficient in terms of energy, with or without batteries. The said estimate included a generous margin to guarantee we would always have enough power.

Despite the current supply line problems faced by importers worldwide, Green Power went above and beyond to overcome any hurdles and obtain the solar panels we needed from their manufacturers. Moreover, given that we had issued them with a tight deadline, they excelled in delivering on time!

Naturally, as total beginners in the world of solar power, we had a number of questions about operating the system in the first few days. Fortunately, Green Power’s claim to provide top-notch post-sales support was fully borne out by the prompt way they dealt with our queries.

By using their remote app, we can clearly see – even when we are away from home - how much electricity we are saving and how much we are feeding back into the grid. And the best part of it is that we will be compensated for the latter by Gesa-Endesa, Ibiza’s energy provider.

Overall, Green Power’s highly professional team did an amazing job, and we feel 100% certain we made the right decision in choosing them to carry out the installation as part of Ibiza Spotlight’s ongoing efforts to preserve the island’s environment and create a better, carbon-free world for future generations.

If you'd like to get in touch with Green Power for an obligation-free quote on your property, click here.

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