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Sustainability Matters – the Green Guide to Getting Married in Ibiza

IbizaPreservation offers useful tips to ensure your White Isle wedding is a truly eco-friendly affair

Spring has sprung in Ibiza and that can mean only one thing: the season is almost upon us. And by season, in this instance we are not talking about the opening of the island’s world-famous nightclubs, but rather about an altogether different kind of party, that is, weddings.

Ibiza’s sunny climate, scenic views and plethora of stunning private villas and charming boutique hotels means the island lends itself well to weddings, and from April onwards, couples from all over the world make it their location of choice to celebrate their nuptials.

However, destination weddings of this kind are of course not without their environmental impact, so at IbizaPreservation we would like to encourage you to take the following steps if you are planning to get married on the island:

  • Encourage your guests to offset the carbon emissions produced by their journeys to get here.
  • Try to reduce car trips around the island, pooling vehicles and hiring electric cars where possible.
  • Investigate options for holding your ceremony or hosting your guests in locations powered by solar energy.
  • Choose a menu based around local produce. Check out our handy calendar below to see what kinds of fruit and vegetables are in season and take advantage of the fantastic artisan foods the island has to offer, such as breads made from local grains and delicious goat’s cheese, as well as other products including olive oil, salt, honey, carob and almonds.
  • Minimise food waste by opting for plated meals over buffets and speak to your caterer about the best use of leftovers; at the very least anything that cannot be repurposed or consumed another day should be separated and sent for organic waste recycling.
  • Source your booze from on-island purveyors, such as Ibizkus, Bodegas Can Rich or Blacknose for wine, Ibosim for beer and the famous “hierbas ibicencas” for your digestif - ideally, the home made variety "casera".
  • Most wedding venues in Ibiza will boast their own beautiful gardens, so try to keep cut flowers or other décor to a bare minimum and allow your guests to soak up the natural surroundings. For that all-important bridal bouquet, choose seasonal blooms or wildflowers that grow locally and don’t have to be flown onto the island for the occasion, and ask your florist or wedding planner to compost them after the event.
  • Reduce waste, particularly cutting single-use plastics wherever possible. Ensure your water comes in glass bottles or, even better, request filtered water be served from refillable containers, if available. Under Balearic Law, hospitality establishments are no longer permitted to serve disposable straws, whether made from plastic or any other material. Request that your venue abide by this by avoiding serving drinks with any kind of straw.
  • Also ask the venue or your wedding planner to ensure that all waste generated by the event is correctly separated and recycled.
  • Ditto for groups of friends or family staying in villas. Set up different recycling “stations” in advance and signpost what goes where (paper/card, plastic/cans, glass, food, or other waste). Assign a team to do occasional runs down to the nearest bins and deposit each load in the correct container. Done in this way, it should be no more time-consuming than throwing it all in the one bin and it’s much better for the island as it reduces the amount of waste going into our one landfill site.
  • Confetti is best avoided, but if you are set on having it, choose something locally sourced and biodegradable, such as dried flower petals or seeds, and make it available to guests in large containers they can grab a handful from, instead of generating waste with individual packets.
  • When it comes to wedding favours, opt for an edible treat, in minimal, non-plastic packaging – or consider giving something back to the island by purchasing your favours through IbizaPreservation (main image). We offer plantable seed pills presented with a personalised card, or key rings made locally from recycled plastic; both items include a small donation to our conservation work on behalf of your guests. You can find more details on the Donate page of our website.

Weddings are of course joyous occasions, and rightly so, but they can also be incredibly wasteful; according to the Green Bride Guide, the average one can generate nearly 200kg of waste! While going entirely zero-waste is commendable, but perhaps not feasible for many, we would encourage all those couples out there preparing to celebrate their special day to give some thought to these small but achievable steps in order to share their love not just with their guests but also with their surroundings, thereby contributing towards a happier and healthier future for us all.

You can find out more about IbizaPreservation and donate towards their work by going to their website: You can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Check out Ibiza Spotlight's recommended eco-friendly businesses whilst you are here and help to support a greener, cleaner Ibiza and Formentera.


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