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Permanently popular F*** ME I'M FAMOUS! switches to Ushuaïa

David Guetta's baby is back on Mondays.

David Guetta's legendary F*** ME I'M FAMOUS! announces Mondays at Ushuaïa as its new cut for 2022. 

After a long Covid hiatus, FMIF! returns for its 18th (yes, 18th!) season, switching things up with a change of venue.

From one megaclub to another, the permanently popular party moves from Hï Ibiza to Ushuaïa; nighttime to daytime.

If you have a sense of deja vu, that'd be because it previously held residency here in 2012 and 2013 (before it morphed into BIG by David Guetta). Well, now it's back in its original and best-known form!

The extravaganza is set to commence Monday 6 June and continue through to Monday 3 October, for its longest season yet.

Anybody still wanting their David Guetta by night fix, can be redirected to his new concept with MORTEN, called Future Rave. That takes FMIF!'s old slot on the other side of the road.

But big fans will undoubtedly do both, as has become the trend in past summers.

With the EDM OG's global pull, we expect to huge line-ups each week, as well as enormous Ushuaïa production and crowds from all over the world.

An exceptionally limited run of tickets can be swooped up below - but these won't be about for long. You have been warned.

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