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Exciting new contemporary art initiative launched in Ibiza

Ses Dotze Naus Foundation will promote the work of young artists from around the world.

Contemporary art lovers will be delighted to hear of a new initiative launched on Ibiza with a mission to promote creativity on the island through artistic residencies and public art displays. Ses Dotze Naus Foundation welcomes and supports young artists, offering time, space and resources to research, exchange ideas and develop projects that represent the island in unexplored directions.

The foundation will develop different programmes throughout the year. The first residence "Figueretes", begins with 9 young international artists who will cohabit in a twelve-apartment building next to Figueretas beach. The residence has a shared studio on the ground floor and is set up as a workspace and meeting place where curators, gallery owners, directors of institutions and other professionals of art and culture can congregate and exchange ideas.

The talented young artists, all under the age of 35, hail from different parts of Europe, including France, Italy, Poland, Germany, UK, Denmark and, of course, Spain. They will be working in a variety of audio/visual media encompassing sound, dance, touch, photography, and sculpture and maybe even venturing into the metaverse.

An old carpentry workshop in Can Bufí has been transformed into an exhibition space for the productions and will serve as the main headquarters for the interface between artists and the public that the foundation hopes to promote. It will also host activities open to the public for the exhibition of contemporary design and culture.

The project will culminate in a public exhibition of the artists’ endeavours at Can Bufí on 13 April. We will be there to see how they have got on.

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