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Preview: Amnesia's Opening Party line-up glimmers in glory

It's time to get excited!

Amnesia's Opening Party always delivers. Only it's usually in May and not in deep October. Aside from that, nothing else seems to have changed. The line-up is packed with jewels and buzz around the event on Friday 22 October has seen a clamber for tickets.

Even while the temperature cools, it's the hottest weekend on the island in terms of clubbing, with Amnesia's already sold out Closing Party the following day.

Treasure awaits... let's delve through the trove of artists and see what gems we can pick-out.

Four Kings

Berghain associates Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann are two names which jump out to us, guaranteeing high-tempo, hard-hitting Techno. What's clear is that at some point, things are going to get pitch black scary inside the Club Room.

Next door on The Terraza, the consistently top-tier Skream is capable of taking things in a variety of directions, owing to his versatility, wide taste and deep record bag. Plus, we just know he's gonna be in party mode. The boy from Croydon never fails to entertain.

FUSE leader of the pack, Enzo Siragusa, knows all about Amnesia - as both a DJ and a clubber.

He was a big part of the programme at HYTE, which saw memorable sets such as playing big back-to-back with Loco Dice. His passionate fanbase will be dying to see him return to The Terraza and we'll be right besides them.

A wealth of female talent

There's a goldmine of talented women lined-up to play on Friday 22 October and they will be packing big, bold beats.

Berlin based, Brighton-born BEC, who was originally set to make her Ibiza debut at the cancelled Pyramid opening party, finally gets her shot. The Second State regular promises uncompromising selections. Similarly, Tijana T is one of Europe's most assured talents, who doesn't get to play here nearly enough. Take this opportunity while you can.

Percussion queen, Giorgia Angiuli, has rattled her bounty of music inside Amnesia before and we're thrilled she gets to do again at the opening.

Then we also need to big-up Syreeta, who'll be appearing on The Terraza. She's another act we consider unmissable, having seen her steal the show earlier in the year in the UK.

Discovering the 3rd dimension

What other riches are there to be discovered? Amnesia opening and closing always throw up some surprises, but on this occasion we're very keen to check-out the 3rd Dimension.

As with the Closing Party the night after, the third stage has a more risky booking policy, inviting artists who don't yet have a foothold on Ibiza.

Crate-diggers DJ Boring, Gabrielle Kwarteng and TSHA have nothing to prove in the dance music industry - they've long paid their dues. However, this opportunity gives them a platform to show what Ibiza has been missing up until now.

After a forced two year break, it's refreshing to see some new faces brought into the mix.

We bet our bottom dollar that the music heard here will be amongst the best you'll hear in 2021.

Amnesia has really excelled with its Opening Party line-up, as you can see, made all the more impressive by the short-notice at which it was assembled.

The last remaining tickets can be purchased below. A sell-out is inevitable. You know what to do!

Amnesia Opening Party listings - 2024

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