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Ibiza clubs given green light to open

From 8 October with conditions.

Finally the news we've all been waiting for!

Spokesperson from the Balearic government, Iago Nagueruela, has indicated that clubs on Ibiza and the rest of the archipelago may open again from 8 October. This will be possible only if they agree to implement a Covid green pass system.

In proposals sent to the Superior Court Of Justice In the Balearic Isles, clubs could open to 75 per cent of capacity and until 05:00. Opening times for bars would extend to 04:00.

Perhaps controversially, the proposals also include the wearing of masks on the dancefloor and social distancing of two metres to be observed.

Anybody not on the designated dancefloor will be expected to be seated, as per the pilot event at Hard Rock Hotel back in June.

José Luis Benitez, manager of Ocio de Ibiza, the nightlife association, has welcomed the news. Now let's see how the clubs themselves react.

This is a developing story and we should know more within the next few days.

While it remains to be seen whether all clubs will open at this stage, this is promising considering the situation this summer. We will update you with more news in due course. Stay tuned!

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