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IbizaPreservation needs your opinion

Fill out and share the survey. 

IbizaPreservation's Sustainability Observatory, one of its key projects, wants to know what Ibiza residents think. All you need do is complete a short survey asking what you think are the island's top environmental challenges.

It's anonymous, takes only 10 minutes to complete and is open until 31 March.

The IbizaPreservation team is currently compiling the Observatory's 2019 report. Whilst they collect and analyse data on the current sustainability levels on Ibiza - including biodiversity, waste, water, energy, land use and tourism - Ibiza residents can do their part to help by sharing your opinions.

The survey seeks to capture whether the perceptions of island residents are in line with the results of the report, as well as finding out about what issues residents are most concerned.

For an accurate picture, they need as many responses as possible, so go ahead and share it with all your contacts, friends, family members, colleagues and business associates who live on the island year-round or own a home here.

The survey is available in English, Spanish and Catalan - it's an issue that concerns us all, so please help by doing your bit.

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