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Catering your special Ibiza event

From weddings to birthdays and beyond.

If you've chosen Ibiza as the place for your wedding event, birthday or a special anniversary, you are in good company. Countless people choose the White Isle for their celebrations. The mix of its special magic, sunny days, balmy nights and amazing natural beauty has given birth to many fond memories and many want to replicate that for when a big event in their lives comes along.

With the event decided and possibly the venue booked, you'll want to sort out the catering, one of the event's most important elements. For your own peace of mind, you will want it to go to plan and know that the company chosen can deliver on the items you requested.

Main considerations include the variety and quality of the food offered; the number of people you want to be catered for and also if the catering company offers any additional services, such as top bar people who can make awesome cocktails and then maybe music and entertainment too.

For everything to turn out well, it's all in the planning, however, when managing event machinations from afar, the person booking a catering company needs to know that all their wishes can and will be met. Not being on the ground brings its own anxieties. This means that reputation and experience count as much as liking the food and drink on offer.

We spoke to a number of catering professionals to get their view on what to look for from a good company. For more information on the companies quoted, scroll to the end.

Working with your caterer

Making sure your food is right you and for guests is The Chef Ibiza's priority

The Chef Ibiza, a full service catering company, offers taste testing in the months of March and April each year, which are very popular for wedding events. Sergio Escallada, its managing director, feels that menu testing isn't strictly necessary.We give great assurance to customers by responding to all their emailed questions, suggesting options and making sure they can surprise their guests," he says.

Similarly, Alejandro Velazquez of Sa Paella Club Ibiza, specialists in authentic Spanish paellas, maintains customers' trust by observing a simple rule. “We make sure we always answer any customer email or message in less than five hours,” he says as well as noting that the company always focuses on delivering what the client was promised, making sure they don't feel cheated in any way, Asking for detailed cost breakdowns will give you the kind of reassurance you need, so do ask for them.

Allaying the fears of customers is key. Livia Vov of dessert specialists, Vov Ibiza adds that when it comes to weddings, “everything has to be perfect, so punctuality, professionalism and quality of the services offered matter most”. It's definitely worth asking each company about its approach to service. If it is of a high standard, you will find that the company will have good detailed answers and be able to give examples of how they have approached challenges for previous events.

Budget: the big one

You can still have a dazzling event with your budget

Cost all depends on the scale of your party. If you choose top notch ingredients or hire a swanky venue and want the best of the best, expect to pay for it. If your budget is more limited, however; catering companies are more than happy to help you meet the figure you have planned and make sure you still have a dazzling event.

As Sergio at The Chef Ibiza notes: “It's important to have solutions for all budgets and spend time thinking about them. One of our strengths is the clarity and transparency that we offer, so there are no surprises for the customer.

Julie Guazy at Oyster Ibiza, whose main offering is serving fresh seafood and premium drinks at events says their policy is always to offer affordable pricing and ensuring that the product is of the best quality, whilst offering full details of the product. This kind of openness is key to making sure you know what you are getting.

Experience counts

Fresh oysters or seafood delivered to your event could wow your guests

Being confident that you will get what you asked for is down to clearly communicating what you want. It can seem daunting, when you are planning your event and are miles away, though when you see professionalism in action from your chosen company it will set your mind at rest. As Livia at Vov asserts: “clients can become overwhelmed, though when they see our way of working they are more relaxed.

Fabrice Leroy of Ibiza Silverbar, which provides event bar services, feels that planning well ahead is everything though being flexible is important too. "We get a lot of requests for classic cocktails, which the client then wants their own stamp on or we might suddenly have to extend the bar service time from eight to 22 hours. It's vital to be able to respond to all the customer's needs," he says.

Your party will always swing well when the drinks are handled well

Knowing that the client has long-held experience will also allay fears. Marc Fosh of Fosh Catering, which has catered for thousands of customers over the years in Ibiza and Mallorca, says it simply: “always work closely with the client all the way through the process to make sure everything is to their liking. We are obsessed in making each event perfect and that's the way it has to be.”

Most catering companies will be able to work in any venue that you select, even a private villa. It's worth tapping into their knowledge and asking them about venues they would recommend too as most should be able to make suggestions. It's also a good idea asking them specifics about how they cater for specific dietary needs for individual guests and if they are open to sudden or last minute changes.

When things go wrong

Even the best made plans can go awry, though any good company should be able to rise to the occasion. That last minute request that you forgot to mention, guests arriving late or a change in the weather - all can be overcome.

During a wedding in a villa overlooking the rock of Es Vedra, catered by The Chef Ibiza, the heavens opened and what was a few drops of rain, soon became a downpour. Fortunately the catering team reacted quickly, removing the settings and glassware and covering the tables. When the rain stopped shortly after, the team was able to continue as if nothing had happened.

A storm at sea meant that Silverbar Ibiza had to think quick when catering a yacht event, turning an on-board cocktail party into an inside coffee and tea event. "Being adapatable to any occurrence is vital," adds Fabrice Leroy.

Have a paella made at your table for an authentic Spanish experience

Finally, don't be afraid to make special requests, however impossible or strange you think they might be. It's your special day and you want to it to be how you want it. As Alejandro of Sa Paella Club says there are no weird requests: “what's normal for me can be weird for a customer,” he adds.

To sum it all up: be clear about what you want and the budget you have; get a feel for the caterer and how they work and don't be afraid to ask for what you want. With these simple rules, you are sure to have the Ibiza celebration of your dreams.

See our weddings and events section to get you started on your catering.

Catering companies

The Chef Ibiza

Offering a wide variety of cuisines, including the latest trends, The Chef Ibiza can cover all your menu needs; it even makes its dishes using fresh local market produce. The company can also offer a professional bar and service staff, including butlers and waiters as well as DJs and entertainment.

Sa Paella Club Ibiza

As well as making fresh authentic Valencian paellas in front of your very eyes, Sa Paella Club Ibiza can provide your entire meal from starters to desserts as well as assist with table decor and table settings. It also offers a range of traditional Ibizan dishes.

Oyster Ibiza

For when you want the freshest oysters, fresh seafood platters or even caviar, Oyster Ibiza can serve you wherever your event may be. Also ask about its wine, champagne and vodka selection for the perfect seafood accompaniment.

Fosh Catering

Fosh Catering's Mediterranean cuisine comes with a modern and avant-garde touch and beautiful presentation. The company caters for events from six to a thousand people on Ibiza and Mallorca. All dishes, snacks and desserts are 100% handmade.


Dessert specialists, Vov can bring you its marvellous sweets, from ice-cream, made right in front of you to Spanish churros (long doughnut fingers) and crepes with a variety of fillings. Vov makes much use of local Ibiza ingredients for authentic flavours.

Ibiza Silverbar

Ibiza Silverbar's bar service can serve an array of cocktails, served by multi-lingual staff for a variety of events on Ibiza and Formentera. The company can offer any type of beverage and also help with event organising too.

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