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Capadi Rebels head to B12 Club

The Capadi Rebels take over the Ibiza Town club once a month this winter.

The Capadi Rebels are at it once again. Starting this Saturday, they take on B12 Club one Saturday a month with Follow Your Rebellion. Here's your chance to experience a whole new style of partying.

Since 2010, this lot has run a successful underground boat party, Rebels Cave at Sankeys and this past summer Rebels Land at Benimussa Park, as well as their popular pre-parties at Tantra. Now they get the winter season going at one of the hubs of the offseason on Ibiza.

Prepare to see the Ibiza Town club transformed. Wherever they go, these rebels bring on their unique style of originality and freedom.

As for the music, you will be in great hands. On the decks, tune master Steve Lawler will have you grooving together with Seb Zito, Felipe Bravo and Smythy & Adam Chappell.

Kicking off at 23:00, the event runs until 6:00 next Saturday 17 November. Tell all your friends and head on over for what's bound to be quite the party.

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