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Super-yachts in Ibiza: Joy

What yacht next in Ibiza Town's port of Ibiza Magna?

Joy would be what you were feeling if you were the owner of this boat of the same name, just recently docked in Ibiza Town's port. Owned by Indian tech billionaire Sameer Gehlaut, this €68.5 million yacht is a great way to impress friends - it certainly impresses us.

At 70 metres long and accommodating up to 12 guests, you could throw one hell of a party - in multiple locations too, since Joy can travel a shade over 7000 km without refuelling.

A trip on this yacht is available for those that want to charter it, though with a starting price of almost €600,000 per week, it's no small chunk of change.

For those that want a more affordable boat charter when in Ibiza, check out our pages and have your own swell time.

PHOTO | Michael Tomlinson

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