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Why you need to check out Solid Grooves

Take a look at why grooving at Privilege at Solid Sundays is a must.

Sweet sounds, rolling moves, lasers and smoke machines are what makes Sundays at Privilege so irresistible. Past the halfway point of another sizzling season, Solid Grooves keeps on getting hotter and hotter on the White Isle with this residency being one to watch.

Much to our expectations, this Sunday did not disappoint. An exciting up-and-coming tech line-up hit the decks along with respected house-don Hector Couto setting the dancefloor alight. Nothing but a privilege to be grooving in the biggest club in the world.

If you're into all things groovy and love yourself a naughty drop, the artists and tracks at this party are sure to send you to tech-house heaven. With all the ingredients for a Sunday smash, this tasty party goes off.

If you're yet to wiggle in the Vista Club this season, here are three reasons why this party has to be on your bucket list...


Solid Grooves is the perfect place to find solid beats and groovy baselines from a crew that hand over the finest house and techno talent from across the globe.

Amongst the DJs of Solid Sundays, this past weekend saw evolving powerhouse producer Reelow kick things off. Upon entering at 1:00 and catching the end of his set, we found an enthusiastic crowd with queues outside of the venue. The night was picking up fast.

Representing London, East End Dubs was up next dropping non-stop chunky funk and solid house grooves from the off. The predominantly British crowd took off into a frenzy.

Being one of the most respected artists in the industry, special guest Hector Couto knows how to draw in a monstrous crowd of clubbers with his unique combo of house and old-school techno. On the dancefloor, it started getting sweaty.

With his jaunty face and hair, co-founder of Solid Grooves, PAWSA joined the party, too, on Sunday. PAWSA kepts the rolling tech house moving combined with an old-school vibe distinctive of his style.

A resident of this popular party, he plays across the rest of the season along with partner and co-founder Michael Bibi. Dennis Cruz, Josh Butler, AudioJack, Nick Curly, SecondCity and more will also see August off in style and start September with a bang.

Expect the unexpected at Solid Grooves as this party attracts many big names on and off the line-ups. In the past, Richy Ahmed has made a surprise appearance performing b2b with PAWSA and Skream. Amine Edge and Dance have also been spotted grooving backstage.

With the closing parties fast approaching, this party is sure to pull out more cheeky surprises and some of the best sets of the season. Watch out.


As PAWSA and Bibi would say, "let the music do the talking." Here are some of the top tunes from Sunday setting the dancefloor on fire. They represent the true grooves and tech melodies that Solid Sundays are all about.

The music is the centre of attention at Solid Grooves, as this party attracts knowledgeable ravers baying that deep pumping bassline and tech house bangers.

Fitting the criteria to a T, East End Dubs went in hard when Spanish Fly echoed the Vista Club.

The tech man continued to play exclusive underground electronic music as Pierre J's Addicted To The Rhythm unquestionably kept the crowd moving.

Another track of the summer sending party-goers fists pumping and Shazam into a breakdown is East End Dub's unreleased track of Kelis's Milkshake. This catchy remix will have your lips moving and feet tapping without a doubt.

Outlining the Solid Grooves sound in one epic track and produced by the co-founder himself PAWSA. It would be rude for Hector Coute not to send everyone shuffling to Riddem.


Are you a groover? This party invites some of the best movers around with a room full of two-steps, fist pumps and shufflers transforming the Vista Club into a sweatbox - and we love it.

Dance like nobody is watching, immerse yourself into the sweet solid sounds and lose yourself in the mesmerising production with dark blue and red laser lights creating euphoric vibes. The spellbinding club is fit for true best ravers, ensuring this night lives up to expectations.

It's all about the groove so don't be afraid to let loose. Even if you want to hold back the tunes at this party will make it near impossible to stay still. Unless your feet are aching from all the dancing and you need a quick break – then I'm afraid you have no excuse!

The Funktion 1 sound system in Privilege will blow your socks off, having no problem filling out the club room with banger after banger.

At this party, everybody is having a blast and involved in the music. This truly makes the party.

Whilst hedonistic revellers can enjoy the unique Solid Grooves party vibe all across Europe, Ibiza makes it all the more special as the number one location for this number one residency.

See you on that dance floor.

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