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Cocktails at the wonderful world of Bambuddha

There are other ways to enjoy this stylish restaurant whilst enjoying a naughty cocktail and a light bite.

Bambuddha, the Asian paradise in the heart of Ibiza, has carved out a worldwide reputation as a not-to-be-missed fine-dining menu and with an incredible cocktail bar, it's an experience that's not just for diners.

The cocktail bar, like the restaurant, makes for a beautiful space that truly comes alive at night and stimulates all the senses.

Anyone wanting to visit Bambuddha, who might not want a meal, should experience the wonderful world it has created, for a cocktail and a snack, whilst absorbing the venue's unique, seductive atmosphere.

There's no need to book for cocktails, just drop in any time from 19:00, and try one of the erotic-themed love potions from the imaginative cocktail mixologist, Giancarlo.

Sitting back and relaxing on the ornate sofas and picking from a naughty list that includes creations such as Passion, Foreplay, Tantra and BJ – is guaranteed to awaken your desires.

Bambuddha stocks a vast selection of specialist premium spirits to create its drinks, many of which are handcrafted by small suppliers from around the world.

Only natural sweeteners are used in its cocktails, so you can be sure that what you are getting possesses a wonderful purity.

The bar offers a selection of snacks, taken from the main menu, including popular Asian delights as dim sum, sate, Wagyu hamburgers and sushi rolls.

Alternatively, you might like to indulge from the caviar and oyster wagon, delivering these sea delicacies straight to where you are sat.

Every night a resident DJ spins world music, mixed with down-tempo electronic house to create a cool, funky vibe amongst the giant bamboo stems.

Men and women can browse the fashion collection at the Bambuddha-brand boutique and you might even pick up something to spice up life back home in the Tantra shop.

Bambuddha is an ideal evening location where you decide on what appetite you have for cocktails, light bites or a sensational dinner experience. Make a plan to drop in today.

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