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Sing and dance on Ibiza this summer 2018

Manava Ibiza Productions offers a new way to play on the White Isle with musical theatre.

If you are coming to Ibiza this summer and are interested in a holiday with even more pizzazz, why not combine your trip with a musical theatre workshop?

Manava Ibiza Productions, a theatre group with ten years experience staging productions of popular West End and Broadway musicals such as Cabaret and the Sound of Music, is appealing for talented visitors, of all levels and nationalities, to join its cast.

Working in collaboration with London Studio Centre, Manava's workshops aim to unite the three core disciplines of musical theatre: acting, singing and dance.

Participants may find themselves performing in one of the groups Star Products: a musical themed wedding, a themed party event or a production of their original work: A Trilogy of the Legends of Ibiza.

This unique and unforgettable experience is available, for long- or short-stay visitors, throughout the year.

A typical workshop will run from 09:00 until 15:00, leaving you the rest of the day free to enjoy the beauty and magic of the island

For the most enthusiastic budding performers, 14 day holiday packages, including transport, transfers, accommodation and insurance are available for a 12 day event this July 2018.

On 28 July a Grand Gala Finale of famous scenes from London West End Musicals will be put on by the participants of the 12 day event at the Palacio de Congresos in Santa Eulalia.

The requirements are simple. All you need is your passion, enthusiasm and creativity!

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