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The return of an Ibiza legend: El Clodenis

The restaurant is back and last night we went to its opening party ahead of full restaurant service from today.

Last night saw a party to celebrate the return of an island legend: the San Rafael restaurant El Clodenis, in preparation of its official opening today 4 May 2018.

The world of Ibiza loving this brilliant visual feast

An array of tempting and delicious Mediterranean dishes fused with international flavours will be on the new menu, with a focus on taste and quality.

The produce has been sourced from organic and small producers to create a cuisine that is light, healthy and full of taste rewards.

A sign of the times - El Clodenis is back

The new El Clodenis will be a space for artistic and cultural experimentation, which was very much in evidence yesterday evening with a smorgasbord of visual art with wafting soft electronic beats with Jon Sa Trinxa on the decks.

A feast for the eyes, we were treated to projections of dancing figures, a black and white movie and stained glass images on the wall of San Rafael's church, plus fairy lights of all colours on all of the garden's trees - a big impact on the senses.

One of the chefs preparing finger food of exquisite taste with panache

Inside, an entire room had a wall completely covered in lit candles and it was astonishing to behold. The same can be said for the DJ decks, with a backdrop of vibrant and colourful graffiti art.

Some delicious finger food: carved acorn-fed ham, vegan coconut milk croquetas flavoured with shiitake mushroom and gorgeous sea bass ceviche gave us an indication of the incredible restaurant food to come.

Spaces that deliver art to where you are eating

We think you will love this new incarnation for this famous place, now it's time to experience it all for yourself.

A changing prism of colours in one of myriad restaurant rooms

PHOTOGRAPHY | Michael Tomlinson

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