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Four reasons to visit Roni’s Deli & Burger in Ibiza

Roni's hit the spot as we dived into protein-packed burgers and deliciously pressed juices.


Last week a few of us from the Spotlight team visited Roni's Deli & Burger. Located just two minutes from the beach, in a quiet side street of Playa d'en Bossa, and with the words ‘Made With Love' printed on their sign, we knew we were about to be treated to a super tasty feast. Here are four reasons why you should give Roni's a visit.

Great quality produce

Roni's Deli & Burgers proves to hold the key to creating homegrown, fresh and natural culinary produce. Sourcing ingredients from across the island, they take pride in their supplies and find strive to serve food that is good for the mind, body and soul.

From orange to ginger, from the chickpeas in their hummus, all produce is either organically or locally sourced. Plus, of course, only good quality beef is in their homemade burgers. Roni and her team understand the journey their ingredients have been on. Guests can trust Roni's food.

Amazing staff

As taste bud charmers, Roni and her team really do match their standard of food with second-to-none service. Each member of the Roni brigade was welcoming, enthusiastic and passionate about the food formulations they have curated. Everything on the menu was explained when we were intrigued. We also received plenty of recommendations when we found ourselves torn between a handful of dishes.

Versatile menu

Roni's food is made from only the freshest ingredients and that is because the restaurant is catering to those who have their health in mind. The menu is split into two categories: the superfood menu and the soul food menu.

The superfood menu, which includes the breakfast menu, is composed of superfoods. Think along the lines of quinoa, blueberries, goji berries, maca, almond milk, agave syrup, a high-quality protein cheese called Harzer cheese and a special gluten-free protein bread they make out of almond flour.

The soul food menu, on the other hand, features more classic and indulgent dishes. Do not take that to mean it is not healthy, though. This menu is still made up of the freshest locally-sourced ingredients around.


For our appetizers, the three of us split the hummus with pita, bell pepper 'padron' and the homemade Ibiza spiral potato chips with a side of lemongrass mayonnaise, homemade chilli sauce and the house's own special mayonnaise.

Each dish was a home run, with the chips being perfectly crisp and the sauces elevating them to another level. The lemongrass mayonnaise was our favourite, though. However, of all the appetizers, the bell pepper 'padron' was the clear winner of the group. They were perfectly charred for a little bit of smokiness and sprinkled with salt to bring out the pepper's flavour. If there were a bowl of them here right now it would not last longer than three minutes.


As for drinks, we ordered two custom juices and a piña colada smoothie. What makes Roni's exceptional is their service to the customer and this was evident here. While the menu offers its own selection of smoothies and juices, the waitress was not hesitant in offering a custom concoction mixed whatever fruit we wanted.

The first of the two custom drinks was a combination of carrot, ginger and orange, garnished with a slice of apple and an orange peel. The second drink was a combination of aloe, lemon, blueberry and orange. Each drink was refreshing, quenching all our thirsts on the hot Ibiza day.

The piña colada smoothie was sky high and the juices felt both nutritious and cleansing after a week of hard partying. We could not come to a consensus on the best drink, but we will say that the carrot, ginger, orange combination was the winner as it received a two to one vote. If we are being real, they were all winners.


For our mains, we ordered Roni's Masterpiece, which is the signature burger on the soul food menu, the special protein burger, and the quinoa bowl with organic chicken breasts, the latter two from the superfood menu. If there is one thing Roni's knows how to do, and the restaurant clearly knows how to do many things, it is how to make a delicious burger.

The protein burger was packed with power and is perfect for those who are looking to stay lean on their Ibiza vacation. Roni's Masterpiece, however, was truly a work of burger art. Two Angus beef patties stacked themselves on top of each other, while a slice of tomato, romaine lettuce, cheddar, pickles, bacon and fried egg drizzled with Roni's burger sauce made love together in harmony in between two glistening buns.

The quinoa bowl also delicious, and perfect as a vitamin filled light lunch. To accompany the mixture of fresh vegetables and black-eye quinoa, there was tofu, halloumi, organic chicken breast and organic beef tenderloin just to name a few. We chose mozzarella and chicken breast, the perfect combo of tasty yet light, the perfect way to break away from your tanning stint at the beach. The clear winner of the mains was, of course, Roni's Masterpiece, and who should have expected any less?


Roni's Burger and Deli is a pleasant little restaurant but it can be a little bit hidden in the busy side streets of Playa d'en Bossa. Once you do find it, however, you will immediately be delighted by its charm.

While not big, it makes the most of the space it has, covering its terrace in a lush green turf. This matched the aqua theme of the restaurant to give off a very giddy yet calming atmosphere. White picket tables lined the one side of the terrace while two cornered benches joined forces to make a larger lounging area for bigger parties.

Overall, Roni's Burger and Deli more than anything gives off the impression that it cares. It cares about you the customer and wants you to enjoy a healthy meal in a comfortable setting with good company.

Overall verdict – would we go back for seconds?

Yes, 100%. We already have our eyes on Roni's Hot Chili Cheeseburger to try for our next visit. And if we are awake in time for breakfast at Roni's, we'd like to indulge in Roni's protein pancakes, topped with agave syrup or local organic peach jam. Sounds an ideal way to start your day!

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Location: Playa de'n Bossa

Price: €€

PHOTOGRAPHY | Michael Tomlinson

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